Where Are The Honeycomb Apps?
By Will765 On 2 Jul, 2011 At 08:41 PM | Categorized As News | With 1 Comment

If you open Google market on your Honeycomb tablet, you’ll see 6 featured tablet apps. Type Honeycomb into the search bar, and as of today-7/2/2011-you’ll get 845 results. A lot of these are wallpapers, and themes for launchers that give you a “honeycomb” look. And several come up only because the app states “Not compatible with Honeycomb”. It’s been around 4 months since the Xoom debuted with Honeycomb-so where are the apps?

One idea why there are so few apps optimized for HC is that developers, knowing Ice Cream Sandwich is coming this fall, are waiting. ICS will be one operating system that basically combines HC with Gingerbread, allowing it to run on phones and tablets equally well. Why write apps for android 2.x and 3.x separately, when you can write a single app that will work on everything? While this may prevent smaller companies from developing for HC, there should still be more tablet-optimized apps available.

The main reason there are so few HC apps, like the reason behind a lot of things in life, is money. Right now there are around 100 million android phones out there. Amazingly, there are 500,000 android phone activations every day, and that number is rising fast. And how many HC tablets are out there? Best estimates are a little less than 1 million. So, if you’re a software developer looking to make some money, do you write for a market of 100 million that’s growing incredibly fast, or for the HC tablet market? The answer is pretty easy.

The good news is, as there are more tablets sold, the more incentive there is for software development. So no matter what brand tablet you may own, you better root for every company selling HC tablets to do well-it will benefit us all in the end.

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