June, 2011

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With the success of it’s Transformer tablet, Asus is leading the pack of android tablets looking to challenge Apple’s IPad. Estimates are the company has shipped around 400,000 tablets in the first half of this year. While that includes all their tablets, it’s a pretty good bet the transformer made up the bulk of those [...]

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Author: Will765   June 29, 2011 This last week has seen exciting developments for various tablet owners at tabletroms. First off, Notion Ink released a Honeycomb rom, based on the work done by the development team here, as well as incorporating elements of the Beast rom. Non-rooted users can finally access Google Market, and see [...]

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Here is a YouTube video showcasing the new Aurora ROM created by member ThinkDevoid of Tabletroms.com.  This ROM is designed for the Notion Ink Adam. This rom features many great features including Netflix support.   Showcase of Boot Animation Showcase of ROM Features To obtain a copy of this rom, please visit this post within [...]

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Earlier today (Jun 26, 2011)  I had the opportunity to test the ROM Red Aurora by ThinkDevoid of tabletroms.com and though the ROM is not 100% perfect as its the first release, but this thing is amazing and quite stable for its first release. In this version you will find that he has added some [...]

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Yesterday morning Notion Ink posted that they were still needing to work on the GPS and Camera for their port of Honeycomb.  Well, I emailed Rohan and my team to see if we could help and MrGuy delivered once again with a working GPS.   This is not 100% perfect yet and there is additional testing [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review As I start out this review, I will give you a little bit of background. I have been waiting for something akin to an android version of the Ipad since the Ipad came out. I know that sounds a little strange, but there were so many things I liked about [...]

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In this video Newbe5 of the Tabletroms.com core hacking crew, gives his hands on impressions of the Blackberry Playbook. Click here to view his entire channel of videos

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tablet ASUS transformer 03

Factory 3.1 NVFlash Recovery Roms For Asus Transformer (TF101) + Update to 3.2 Everyone has been asking for these so I decided to put a set together. These can be used to take your Asus Transformer all the way back to the stock 3.1 rom that was shipped on the transformer. Credits go to Rayman [...]

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Prime Rom featuring Honeycomb 3.1 and several cool additions (CIFS and TUN modules, Insecure Boot, etc.) was (originally developed by Roach & Bumble-Bee for the Asus Transformer) has been now been ported to work with the Acer Iconia A500 by Dexterpicard.  I own an Asus Transformer and currently run this ROM and its amazing and [...]

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My thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet I was just up at the Best Buy in Sarasota, FL and had the opportunity to see the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet; I must say that the tablet is the nicest tablet that I have seen to date. I had the chance to see both the 16GB and [...]