How to root the Identity tablet by Wintec

Why Root your tablet?

Because of restrictions placed on electronics by the manufacturer or the carrier (in the case of phones) some of the access to the device’s systems are not allowed. Root will grant full access to everything which will give you more power, as well as the ability to use many fine apps which require root access. But you know what they say about what comes with power…

The Power of Root:

Rooting your device will allow you to change the flavor of Operating system that is installed. You can change out the stock software for something either more powerful, or streamlined to give you faster performance.

The Responsibility of Root:

You will now be able to Royally mess up your device. As such, companies will rarely (I can only think of one, thank you Notion Ink) accept a warranty on a rooted device.

I’ll say it again, It will void your warranty.

Since Root allows you to operate outside of minimum safety requirements, they can’t be confident that the cause of any damage was not due to your Rooting of the device

Tools needed:

z4root (download it here. It is not available on the Android market)

(You need to have this on your tablet before you start the process.)

◦Go to Settings –> Applications –> Enable Installation from Unknown Sources
–> Development –> Enable USB debugging.

◦Run z4root
◦Select permanent (or temporary) root.
◦Allow the tablet to go through the process.
◦Done! (wasn’t that easy?)

Watch me root it!

Special thanks to RyanZa for making all of this possible with Z4Root. If you appreciate his work, you can make a donation to his paypal account here.