Having used this tablet for a couple weeks now, I can add some more thoughts to my review. Battery life on the tablet is just way beyond any other tablet I've had-it goes all day, and rarely will have less than 30% when I put it on charge for the night. The speakers are weak, but it sounds fine with earbuds. The UI is really very easy to get used to, and extremely fluid. Never have any lag in switching from one app to another, and the Windows 8 swipe gestures become something you can do without really thinking about it-very intuitive.

Working with the desktop is a little challenging. Squeezing down to a 10.1" screen makes it tricky to be accurate with your touches all the time. I picked up a Poetic Keyboard/case from Amazon for about $35. It paired easily, and makes typing easier since there's no onscreen keyboard taking up screen space. However, I only use it if I need to do a lot of typing, otherwise what's the point of it being a tablet?

Overall the device is very solid-feeling, hopefully that will result in it lasting me a good while. The screen is clear and bright, I usually have the brightness turned way down, and it's easy to read text. Colors appear crisp, and it plays videos very well-the youtube app is one of the best apps available(which says a lot about how few good ones there are in the Microsoft store), and it plays better than on any android tablet I've owned.

If you are a gamer, then this isn't the tablet you want. There aren't any really good 3d games that I've found in the microsoft store. Now, supposedly you can run some decent games on steam, from the desktop, but I haven't tried that yet. I don't think it's a question of whether or not the tablet can run advanced games, it's just no one is going to develop or port for such a small segment of the market(compared to android or ios). The cpu is said to be better than a Tegra3 in performance, so maybe down the line some good games will show up.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this tablet a solid 8.5. Weak sound and the slight clumsiness when using the desktop keep it from a 9 or higher. Can't blame the tablet for the weakness of app choices from microsoft. But it's really a very stable, solid device. No lag, no force closing of apps, no"xxx app is not responding, wait, or close" messages. Time will tell if it holds up over the long run.