For the first few months after I got my Touchpad (YES for $150!), there were not many Twitter apps specifically built for Touchpad. There were a few that showed the current Trending topics, or popular tweets, but only one full-blown Twitter client I could find, and that was Spaz HD. Spaz HD was okay at first, but after using it for a while, I got really sick of it. It's slow, laggy, and not very user-friendly.

So I googled and found that Zhephree was working on a new app called Incredible! That would include Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. I followed him on Twitter and patiently waited for updates.

Well a week or two ago, it came out. It is a pretty simple app. It is not made to be a messaging or talking platform, but a way to view tweets and news. You can reply to people, but there is no special spot to see your @mentions. There are also no Direct messages, Facebook messages, or even Facebook notifications.

When a user does reply to you, though, it does come up in your timeline, even if you are not following them.

Links open up right in a pane on the side, which is super convenient.

In the first version, it wasn't possible to view profiles, but a recent update brought the ability to do that, as well as many other bug fixes.

It is very smooth and responsive (unlike Spaz), and that is the biggest reason it is now my main Touchpad twitter client.

The worst part about it though? It's $5.

But I guess you can do that when you are one of the only clients out there.