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Thread: [14.JUL.11][ROM]CleanViewpad7 v1.0|APPS2SD|CWM

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    I flashed the ROM and now the touchscreen does not work Help!!! I did a factory reset, and resert the battery and Delvi thing. and the touch screen still does not work HELP please!!!

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    Viewsonic 78 2.2.2.

    New to this
    Do I have to root to apply this rom ??
    If so which process do I use / Read about problems with the latest Viewpads
    Thanks for the work - Looks good - Hope I can use it
    Quote Originally Posted by skink View Post
    CleanViewpad7 v1.0
    based on latest official stock Viewpad 7 firmware Android 2.2.2

    With installed ADW Launcher EX:

    This build is for Viewsonic Viewpad 7. Iíve made this build mainly because I had one big problem with stock one Ė it was offering little space for my apps. I've used this opportunity to add extra features and remove some annoying ones. Here is the list of changes:
    • based on latest official stock Viewpad 7 firmware Android 2.2.2
    • added Darktremor Apps2SD functionality (require that you have extra partition on your SD card for storing your apps; exact procedure to create one is described in installation procedure)
    • fully deodexed and zipalligned ROM
    • ROM is rooted (Superuser.apk + su)
    • installed BusyBox with support for init.d scripts
    • replaced "Welcome" boot animation with stock android 2.2 animation
    • installed Gingerbread keyboard
    • installed Morelocale2 for more languages
    • modified framework-res.apk and services.jar with Gingerbread look like + % battery
    • removed Aldiko,RSS, TouchPAL_M20
    • updated gapps to newest version (Gmail, GoogleQuickSearchBox, Maps, Market, VoiceSearch) & YouTube
    • modified host file for ad-free
    Now you donít have to worry about decreasing internal storage when you install more application. You donít also lose access to application when you phone is connected in drive mode to computer, because application data is being hold on ext3 partition on SD card. That partition isnít mounted when your phone is connected to computer. The things that are redirected to this partition are: /data/app, /data/app-private and /data/dalvik-cache. Firmware should also work with compatible devices such as: Cherry Mobile Superion, Commtiva Linx N700, Olivepad VT-100, Spice MI700, and Camangi FM600 but I don't have these devices, so I cannot verify. As always make a backup before installing any custom firmwares.

    • initial release
    1. Power down your device.
    2. Power on device holding power button and both volume keys simultaneously.
    3. Upon power up you will see the birds logo and 'enter recovery' text in the top left corner of the screen.
    4. Use the volume keys to step through the menu, power to select and back. (there is bug in clockwork when you press volume keys it jumps 2 steps; to jump one step press and hold volume and then press power to select)
    5. Select the "advanced->Partition SD Card" item, next select size for your Apps2SD partition (1024MB recommended), next select 0 as size of swap partition. (Remember that this will delete all data on your SD card, so make backup of SD card if you need !!!)
    6. After the partitioning will be done select the "reboot system now" item.
    7. Using USB cable connection or SD card reader copy to root folder of SD card.
    8. Power down your device.
    9. Power on device holding power button and both volume keys simultaneously.
    10. Select the "backup and restore->Backup" item to make a backup of the current firmware in case something goes wrong. The backed up ROM should be located in: /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/date&time/
    11. Select the "wipe data/factory reset->Yes Ė delete all user dataĒ to clear old stuff.
    12. Select the "install zip from sdcard->choose zip from sdcard" item and select
    13. After flashing will be done select the "reboot system now" item. First boot may take a few minutes.
    Migrate from stock or another build:
    1. Make backup of your phone using Titanium Backup (select all user applications).
    2. Copy all files and folders from SD card to local folder on your computer.
    3. Install Clockwork Recovery Partition, create partition on SD card and install ROM as described in installation guide.
    4. Copy all files and folders from local folder on your computer back to SD card.
    5. Restore applications using Titanium Backup and reboot your phone.
    Download: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Credits to:
    • Darktremor
    • hucqim80
    • dsixda
    • mendozinas
    • -Mr. X-
    If you like my work please consider donating:

    Thanks everyone for donations.

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