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Thread: [ROM] JellyBean for Advent Vega / PoV Mobii Tegra and other P10AN01 clones

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    [ROM] JellyBean for Advent Vega / PoV Mobii Tegra and other P10AN01 clones

    This ROM is based of the joined effort of a couple of devs (Ejtable, Scanno and Brucelee666) who are working on getting JellyBean working for our device. As soon as JellyBean is getting stable, my goal is also to put everything on github, just like i did with VegaCream. This way other devs can also work on this.

    Please remember that I, ejtagle and brucelee666 are *NOT* professionals and do this in our spare time. We all have full time jobs and a family. So be happy that there is an Android ROM based on Android 4.1.1 / JellyBean for a device that was sold with Android 2.2 and never had an update.

    We do our best to make this ROM as good as possible. With VegaCream we gave you a ROM that gave a new life to your tablet and unleashed its full potential. But we are not wizzards and there might be problems that we cannot solve or do not have time for.

    This ROM is based on AOSP 4.1.1 and the device config made by Ejtagle, brucelee666 and myself.

    - INT2EXT+ (Needs a correctly partitioned SDCard)
    - zRAM
    - DPI is set at 120dpi
    - Default JellyBean Launcher installed
    - Apex Launcher installed
    - Filemanager installed
    - Terminal installed
    - Google Apps is installed. This means that the Google base is installed and all the apps that are available in the Play Store are not installed (i.e. GMail, Maps)
    - All languages that are available in AOSP are included
    - Partition layout is the same as VegaCream / VegaICS beta1 / Modded stock
    - /system/app, /system/lib, /system/fonts, /system/framework and /system/usr are Squashfs filesystems.

    There are 2 methods of installation. There is a CWM recovery flashable ZIP and a NVFlash file.

    I realy recommend flashing VegaBean the first time with the NVFlash version.

    Before installing any version, you have to make sure that you have a SDCard that has the correct partition layout:
    - First partition is a primary partition formatted as FAT32
    - Second partition is a primary partition formatted as EXT4
    EXT4 is a linux filesystem so you will need a program that can handle Linux filesystems when you are using Windows.

    Before installing the ZIP file make sure that:
    - You have the correct partition layout (if you have VegaCream installed, you have the correct layout, if not then use the NVFlash installer. This will repartition your internal memory))
    - Copy the ZIP file to your SD-Card
    - Boot into Recovery
    - Install the ZIP file from your SDCard
    - After installing reboot the tablet.

    - WiFi
    - Bluetooth (Tested with a A2DP headset)
    - Camera
    - HDMI including audio
    - 3G (only fro the Huawei internal modem, usb modems may work)
    - GPS not tested by me, but some say it kind of works.

    - Ejtagle
    - Brucelee666
    - Scanno
    - LeoP for his zRAM implementation
    - Legionaire (for the VegaBean bootanimation)
    Last edited by scanno; 10-06-2012 at 07:28 AM.
    If you feel VegaCream is worth it and would like to show your gratitude (the donate link is added on request):
    <<Click here to donate>>
    AND also do NOT forget about ejtagle and brucelee666 for their great work.

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    Please do *NOT* use Link2SD anymore. You do not need it. With the INT2EXT script, your apps will install on SDCard by default. Just make sure you have 2 primary partition. First partition *MUST* be a FAT32 partition. The second partition *SHOULD* be EXT4. When upgrading from a previous version, make sure your EXT partition is empty / reformatted. Also when using the NVflash version !!!


    [Beta 6]
    Last edited by scanno; 04-29-2013 at 01:16 PM.
    If you feel VegaCream is worth it and would like to show your gratitude (the donate link is added on request):
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    AND also do NOT forget about ejtagle and brucelee666 for their great work.

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    [Beta 6]
    - RIL updated to the latest version (3 october i think)
    - updated to AOSP 4.1.2
    - Added check to see if there is a second partition on the SDCard. If not INT2EXT is not excecuted (PLEASE TEST !!!)
    - Updated GApps

    [Beta 5]
    Changes compared to Beta 3-1:
    - New kernel with the following changes:
    - Suspend problem solved. Tablet does not enter LP0 anymore
    - Compiled with zRAM support
    - zRAM modules added
    - zRAM implementation from LeoP included
    - RIL from ejtagle updated

    [Beta 3-1]
    - Included int2ext+
    - Included bootanimation for legionnaire

    [Beta 3]
    - Latest RIL from EJTagle
    - CM10 keyboard
    - Stock browser with the option to set User Agent
    - You can now just wipe cache and dalvik-cache when updating from a previous VegaBean version. Please remember that from other version you will have to do a full wipe / factory reset !!!

    [Beta 2.2]
    What has changed compared to Beta 2
    - AOSP updated to JRO03L
    - Latest update to the huaweigeneric RIL (from aug 27) by EJTagle

    The stripped version has the following apps removed from /system/app compared to the original version:
    - ApexLauncher.apk
    - PlayMusic.apk
    - Talk.apk
    - YouTube.apk

    The stripped version should give you around 10 MiB extra on /system. So if you have bad NAND problems and have problems booting (not able to) you can try this.

    [Beta 2]
    - HDMI audio working
    - VegaBean bootanimation added by indigolemon

    [Beta 1]
    - Rotation really fixed and HW acceleration working
    - Disable / Enable GPS would crash, fixed (thanks Eduardo)

    Alpha 3:
    - Rotation Fixed. Portrait mode is working correctly
    - 3G files included... Sadly no 3G because of too old version of Huawei RIL. Need at least version 6 and we have version 4. So if anybody can get his / her hands on a newer version, please let us know.
    Last edited by scanno; 10-24-2012 at 09:06 AM.
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    If you feel VegaCream is worth it and would like to show your gratitude (the donate link is added on request):
    <<Click here to donate>>
    AND also do NOT forget about ejtagle and brucelee666 for their great work.

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    Really THANKS!!! i try this version today at evening. Yor Jelly Bean Olimpic Version!! (I just Jocking) :P have a nice day.
    PoV Mobii TEGRA Tablet 10.2'' (P10AN01 tablet, like Advent Vega)
    ROM: Vegacream RC 2 with Internal 3g configuration.
    Recovery: ClockworkMod
    Thanks to: The developers at TabletROMs and XDA

    Lenovo K1 32gb wifi.
    ROM: Unroot Honeycomb 3.2.1 Lenovo Original Rom
    Recovery: No one
    Waiting for lenovos upgrade to android

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    installed and running smooooth! thanks guys

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    Hey scanno and crew just flashed alpha 2 and everything so far is great bit of a problem with the voce search in Google now it won't seem to pick up what I'm saying and its like its always hearing something.

    One small little peeve tho with every ROM when I download something from the play store a message comes up saying there's no room in the home screen for the icon yet there is and it places it anyway. At fix for this? And again great work guys! :-)

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