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Thread: [ROM] VegaCream for Advent Vega / PoV Mobii Tegra

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    [ROM] VegaCream for Advent Vega / PoV Mobii Tegra

    This ROM is based of the joined effort of a couple of devs (Cass, Eduardo, Corvus, Scanno and Brucelee666) who are working on getting ICS as good as possible for our device. This has resulted in a git repository where all the specific files and patches are located that are needed to compile the Android 4.0.4 AOSP source code and create a working ROM.

    I am trying to keep the git repository up-to-date so that all the devs that would to compile the AOSP source code can use the repository to build a good working base rom and put effort in improving the ROM instead of figuring everything out themselves.

    I am making VegaCream because i would like to have done this and have some knowledge about making roms. I am working in the IT business for almost 20 years and like many i have a professional and personal life. That means that if i am lucky i have 8 hours per week that i can spend time on this ROM. My wife, my child and my own health are more important then this ROM, so lets keep everything simple and nice. This is supposed to be fun and a hobby (at least it is for me). Let's keep it that way.

    This ROM is based on AOSP 4.0.4 and the device config made by Cass, Eduardo, Corvus and myself (see

    - DPI is set at 120dpi
    - Default ICS Launcher installed
    - Apex Launcher installed
    - Filemanager installed
    - Terminal installed
    - Google Apps is installed. This means that the Google base is installed and all the apps that are available in the Play Store are not installed (i.e. GMail, Maps)
    - All languages that are available in AOSP are included
    - Partition layout is the same as VegaICS beta1 / Modded stock
    - /system/app, /system/lib, /system/fonts, /system/framework and /system/usr are Squashfs filesystems.

    With BETA2 there are two ways of installing VegaCream:
    - Installing the CWM update zip from recovery
    - Using the NVFLASH windows executable.

    Use the CWM update zip when you are sure that you have the correct partition layout (modded stock or VegaICS). Always do a *Full Wipe* BEFORE installing the zip file.

    Use the NVFLASH installer when you are not sure if you have the correct partition layout or want to repartition and format your NAND. Put your tablet in nvflash mode (back-power-back) and run the exe in windows.

    *ATTENTION* The Install zip is *BETA* and it does not have nice text or a good working progress bar. My primary efforts are going to the ROM itself at the moment.

    VegaCream is now on the same level as VegaICS beta1 is. That means it has the same stuff working but it has also the same things that do not work and / or the same problems.
    - Wifi (same connection problems as VegaICS beta1)
    - Bluetooth (Did not test a lot, but it pairs and communicates)
    - (P)EAP (I could connect to the enterprise wifi AP that is available at my work, it connects and could update my apps through the Play Store. The Signal Strength indicator is NOT working when connected to that AP)
    - Camera (same as VegaICS beta1)
    - 3G Huawei modems

    Look like all devices are working

    - Cass
    - Eduardo
    - Corvus
    - Scanno
    - Brucelee666
    - Areo
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    As you might already have read, some people have problems with their touchscreens after flashing a new ROM (this can happen with any ROM). In worst case their touchscreen has died. There has been an investigation into this problem and the conclusion is that there are bad batches of touchscreens that can die when they overheat. This is also due to a design flaw of our tablets. As a precaution it is strongly adviced to disconnect the power from the tablet when booting the first time after flashing a new ROM. This because after flashing a new ROM, the tablet needs to do a lot of processing and that generates heat and increases the change of overheating the touchscreen.

    If you feel VegaCream is worth it and would like to show your gratitude (the donate link is added on request):

    AND also do NOT forget about ejtagle and brucelee666 for their great work.


    VegaCream BETA RC2:

    If you use the CWM zip, please do not forget to do a *Full Wipe*

    CWM-Flashable ZIP:
    NVFlash: VegaCream-RC2-NVFlash.exe

    VegaCream BETA RC1:

    If you use the CWM zip, please do not forget to do a *Full Wipe*

    CWM-Flashable ZIP:
    NVFlash: VegaCream-RC1-NVFlash.exe

    VegaCream BETA 4.1:

    *Warning* This version uses the new 3.1.10 kernel and can still cause problems. If you are not sure if you want to use this version, then please do not download and install !!!

    CWM-Flashable ZIP:
    NVFlash: VegaCream-Beta4.1-NVFlash.exe

    VegaCream BETA 3:
    CWM-Flashable ZIP:
    NVFlash: VegaCream-Beta3-NVflash.exe

    VegaCream BETA2.1:
    CWM-Flashable ZIP:
    NVFlash: VegaCream-Beta2.1-nvflash.exe


    VegaCream BETA1:

    VegaCream Alpha2:

    VegaCream Alpha1:

    - New kernel based on the latest NVidia rel-15r7 kernel.

    - Latest Apex Launcher
    - Wifi working as it should
    - Hopefully no lockups anymore

    BETA 4.1:
    - Kernel 3.1.10
    - WiFi working as it should
    - Suspend problems should be solved

    BETA 3:
    - Updated sources to latest AOSP 4.0.4 version (IMM76L)
    - Recompiled the kernel:
    - Fixed clock frequency staying locked at 1000 Mhz
    - Kernel version shows up in About
    - TUN module is compiled into the kernel (not as a seperate module)
    - Updated proprietary drivers
    - Small change in vold.fstab. You can now see connected USB mass storage devices in settings/storage.

    - Newly compiled from scratch
    - Mms.apk is back.
    - LatinIME now has build in languages for spellcorrections and hints

    BETA2 (compared to BETA1):
    - Removed provision.apk. This may conflict with Google Apps
    - Added Advanced Wifi Lock to /system/app
    - Changed keyboard
    - Updated to latest AOSP 4.0.4 version (IMM76I)
    - su, busybox, superuser build from source
    - SystemUI.apk force closing should be solved.
    - Sound problems (stuttering) solved (thanks brucelee666)
    - 3G should be working (it is working on my Huawei E153 dongle)
    - Browser updated and includes setting to change useragent
    - Webkit updated
    - OpenVPN compiled from source

    - Bluetooth working (Thanks Brucelee666)
    - Video problems should be solved (not all libraries needed were included)
    - Enhanced Powermenu implemented (Thanks Brucelee666)
    - Both Apex Launcher and Stock Launcher included. You can choose at first boot which launcher you want to use)

    - Squashfs working, all the apps now on /system.
    - Camera working.
    - All Languages added
    - Added a Filemanager on /data/app (can be removed)
    - Added a Terminal on /data/app (can be removed)
    - Added tun.ko in /system/lib/modules/
    - OpenVPN binaries added
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    For people who have an internal 3G card and have problems with the lockscreen at first boot, please flash VegaCream BETA2 from recovery and right after flash the following ZIP file. It will add the line ro.setupwizard.mode=DISABLE to the BUILD.PROP.
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    cool will flash this on my Vega when iam home from work

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    Dang, this isn't loading up, it just sits on the android boot animation screen I used modded stock V2 as my base, wiped the tablet in recovery and flashed Vegacream, but to no avail.
    I will try again with VegaICS as the base

    10/10 for the boot animation screen though Scanno, much prefer the simplicity and low note affair of your choice of logo

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    Quote Originally Posted by scanno View Post
    For people that like to have a filemanager included by default:
    Personally i like to choose my own filemanager. When the Play Store works, you can install one yourself.

    If the play store does not work, put the filemanager apk in the download folder on you sdcard and open "Downloads" from the app menu. Your apk should be listed there and you can install it from there (turn on "install from unknown sources" first).

    thanks for this tip, i will try to put an apk on the downloads folder and try it out on the corvusreborn rom. i cant figure out how to make the market work on that rom . . . and of course i will test out your rom too . . .

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