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Thread: [ROM] VegaComb BETA 1.7 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain!

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    [ROM] VegaComb BETA 1.7 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain!

    Welcome To VegaComb BETA 1.7!

    Apologies that this has been so long in the making, I haven't been sitting idly by, but real-life responsibilities mean that I don't have anywhere near the time to work on the Vega as I once did. BUT, we are ready for a BETA 1.7 release! So, without further ado, here is what I can remember of the changelog:
    • Rebel1's 3G patch is now built-in to this build by default.
    • The /data/tombstones folder will now be automatically cleared out every reboot, to try and avoid it devouring all of your available /data space. This is a stop-gap until I can fix the problem fully.
    • The default Browser has been edited to remove the Asus homepage and replace it with Google, also has been added as the first bookmark.
    • Default dictionaries have been added to the default keyboard by popular demand! Languages are: En, De, Cs, Es, Fr, It and Nl. You will have to enable dictionary suggestions in the Keyboard settings to see these.
    • Default system wallpaper has been changed from the boring blue stock Honeycomb one to a much nicer abstract wallpaper.
    • A whole multitude of wallpapers have been added to the built-in Wallpaper-Picker, this is a mix of the nicest wallpapers I could find from the Acer Iconia, the Asus Transformer, the Motorola Xoom and some custom ones from around the net!
    • The Youtube app has been re-hacked to dramatically increase the quality of videos. The HQ option now works correctly to switch between high and low quality, and (while not 720p) the higher setting is VERY crisp and clear compared to before.
    • FLASH! Ahhhhahahahhh (think Queen). download the OFFICIAL flash player from the market (10.3 currently), download Opera Mobile from the market, watch flash. Simples. Green bar glitching, ghosting and other flash strangeness should now have been all fixed. Flash video can still be a little jerky as it is being rendered in software, overclock to get around this if you feel you have to (but it does work well at the default speed!)! BIG thanks to brucelee666 for this, when my transfer cable broke, he picked up and did a ton of testing to get this working!
    • Brand new (extra shiny) boot animation has been added. HUGE thanks to ThinkDevoid from the TabletROMs team for creating this for me!
    • The required default /system partition size for all future VegaComb releases is 155mb, we now have much more room to play with which removed a HUGE limitation that was actively holding me back!
    • More? Who knows, my memory is crappy :P

    Before you update using either the 1.6-1.7 upgrade patch, or install 1.7 from scratch, you MUST be running my new ModdedStock base as this increases the /system partition size to make VegaComb BETA 1.7 fit. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS THE INSTALL WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY AND YOU WILL SOFTBRICK YOUR VEGA! Please fully read the ModdedStock thread to make sure you understand how this works!

    I have been working HEAVILY in conjunction with MrGuy of TabletROMs now for a while, and especially on BETA 1.7 (Thank him for many things including the awesome YouTube app hack). Together we have now not only updated VegaComb, but now AdamComb as well for the NotionInk Adam. Vega owners owe a lot to MrGuy, so show him your love people!

    Update notes from previous versions:
    Previous Notes:
    Changes in BETA1.6:
    Spare Parts settings fixed - Setting power button to "Home, then sleep" now works correctly.
    Bluetooth should now correctly turn on and pair "out of the box" without tweaking.
    DPI settings have been changed. The default DPI is still 120, but you can now manually set this to 160 if you wish, unfortunately though the Google Apps will not function correctly at this density (although most other apps should now be fine).
    Youtube app has been hacked (thanks to MrGuy for wokring with me for this!) to disable HQ playback by default on all videos. This should now mean that you can play all YouTube vids through the app. The HQ button is still there, but if you select it, the video will not play.
    Default CPU speed set to 1.2ghz instead of 1ghz as there appears to be some strange speed issues when defaulted to 1ghz.
    Fixed an issue where you needed root to read contents of NTFS drives.
    Added OpenVPN support (thanks to Scanno!)
    Hopefully fixed any lingering 3G issues (thanks to rebel1!)
    Possible fix to GPS issues but this cannot be tested by me (unfortunately!).
    Added a seperate download for an EXPERIMENTAL FlashPlayer hack. This hack unfortunately does not fix flash video playback on most sites (YouTube and BBC iPlayer do not work for example, but the small videos on the Yahoo news website do). What this hack DOES fix, is most other Flash applications, such as web games etc. Using this patched version of Flash, Kongregate Arcade should work correctly, as well as other apps such as Zoodles Kid Mode that use flash within the application to play games. Please use this at your own risk and report the results! Trying to play flash video using this patched version WILL crash your browser, you have been warned ;) 
    Added an animated VegaComb boot screen.
    Possible speed increases due to various changes to the init + memory management tweaks.EDIT: Apparently, this has caused a much more significant speed increase than was expected, 1.6 has been reported to be VERY fast! :)
    VegaComb BETA 1.5.2 Patch!
    Small patch to apply over the top of 1.5.1 (ONLY to be used on 1.5.1) which fixes Root (for people who upgraded) and App2SD for everyone. Link at the bottom of the thread!
    VegaComb BETA 1.5.1 Patch!
    This patch simply fixes a small issue with Wifi in 1.5, you can use the 1.4to1.5.1 patch to either upgrade from 1.4 to 1.5.1, or to patch 1.5 to 1.5.1 if you had already flashed it and have the issue :) Apologies for the bug!
    Welcome to VegaComb BETA 1.5!
    Hello all! We are back, as promised! The release cycle is slowing down a little now as expected, but we still have some damn juicy treats for you in the BETA 1.5 package :) So, without mucking about, here is what's changed since 1.4:
    Speed... I spoke about this a little in the development update I put on youtube, but just to clarify here... We were not happy with the overall speed of the ROM in BETA 1.4. While repairing the stability issues in 1.3, we went a little overboard with "safe" settings, making 1.4 rock solid, but noticeably slower than previous releases. We didn't want to reach a "happy medium" with part-speed and part stability... and so, there has been a full review of all the memory settings, testing dozens of combinations until we reached a setup that offers both impressive speed (at least the speed of 1.3 IMO) without (hopefully!) any of the reliability drawbacks. And so, our hope is that 1.5 will be both the fastest, AND most stable release so far!
    Bluetooth should now be fully working, searching and pairing has been tested with several devices, so pair away!
    The Screenshot option in the Display section of Settings was causing Force Closes, this is now fixed, so you can take screenshots of your VegaComb tablet in action :)
    The 3G APN (and related) settings should now be correctly visible in the settings menu, for those of you with 3G cards.
    Issue which was causing the Launcher to sometimes Force Close on boot should now be fixed.
    Problem with the media scanner not correctly locating music on the MicroSD card is now resolved.
    Overclock increased back to a maximum of 1.5ghz.
    Xpad support should now be available again (to connect Xbox pads over USB).
    The Dreaded blue light of DOOM under the camera has been banished to the fourth dimension of hell.
    Force Close problem when downloading from the stock browser or Gmail/Email apps should now be fixed.
    Force close that was sometimes plaguing the recent apps menu should now be fixed.
    Google maps framework has been added. this was previously causing certain apps (such as Tweetdeck) to immediately force close when you logged in. These apps should now be working correctly.
    We have had a whip-around and provided the Honeycombs on the boot screen with an extra face each (PHEW! Pedants, move along, nothing to see here :P)
    Shutdown menu has now been put in place (thanks to the AMAZING work of HomerSp), it is not the ordinary power menu, but a lovely custom one that provides you with the options for: Home, Shut Down, Reboot and Reboot to Recovery!
    Because of the new shutdown menu, the recovery reboot app has now been removed (not needed!).
    Added working screen calibration app. This will help with most issues (like home/back buttons) but does not fix the top-of-screen sensitivity issue as of yet I'm afraid!
    App drawer has been edited to remove the bottom row of icons, so you can now better access the screen previews below them when placing a shortcut :)
    Again, there may be other stuff that was fixed and forgotten :P Let us know if you find anything!
    I also want to make an important note for those who are confused... I am NOT working on this ROM alone, this has been a group effort from the start. Originally worked on by myself and Corvus (with help from the guys here at TabletROMS. Since then we hooked up with HomerSp (LEGEND!) who does magic things with Android that I really don't understand (some say he's a clone grown at google), and the project has moved in leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, Corvus has recently been forced to back out of this project due to time limitations in his real life, with work and family, so now it is primarily myself and Homer who work on VegaComb. I hope this clears things up, credit where credit is due!
    Welcome to VegaComb BETA 1.4 - Codename: Arnold Veganator (Hasta La Vista Processes)!
    As promised! BETA 1.3 was more of a features update, trying to get the ROM more in-line with where we would like it giong forwards, cleaning up files, opimizing and getting as much as possible working. We realized at that time that tehre were memory issues with the build, but we are trying to take a modulated approach to developing this ROM, so one step at a time :)
    1.4 is primarily a performance release. You won't see any HUGE new features here (other than Huawei 3g support, thanks to rebel1!) but a lot has gone on in the background to try and make this ROM useable as your daily OS. Memory values have been tweaked, the kernel has been re-compiled with HoneyComb specifically in mind and (hopefully!) all of the freezes and hard lockups present in 1.3 have now been eradicated.
    Changes in BETA 1.4:
    Kernel has been recompiled from scratch (thanks to @HomerSp!) gearing it for HoneyComb. Some features such as xpad support are not yet present in this kernel, they will be added back in soon, but there shouldn't be much other than that.
    Kernel bug that was preventing lowmemorykiller from working effectively has been fixed in this build.
    Memory tweaks made in init to values better suited to both the Vega and to Honeycomb.
    CPU clocking now defaults to 1ghz instead of 1.5, the top-end has been lowered down to 1.4 for now (this will be put back to 1.5 hopefully in the next release). Install SetCPU (from XDA) or download CPU Master from the market (free) to overclock if you want.
    Support for Huawei 3G dongles added (HUGE thanks to rebel1 for this patch!) - this has NOT been tested as of yet, as I don't own a 3g dongle! :P
    EGL patch tweaked slightly taking a new approach, hopefully making this simpler to manage in the future.
    The issue where the battery indicator was not updating correctly MAY be fixed in this build (not 100% confirmed yet)
    Replaced an icon I missed when the BACK button is pressed (oops!)
    Adjusted a couple of apps to save some space in /system.
    Please make sure you ask for help and post bugs in the threads provided, I am getting WAY too many PM's to answer them all (sorry, don't take it personally!).
    Changes in BETA 1.3
    Switched to Transformer Frameworks - Better fit for our hardware and to stay in line with what the Adam guys are doing.
    New frameworks are more streamlined, should make the UI feel snappier overall.
    Framework edited which should allow all web related apps to render correctly (not flash)! 
        This means that you can now use browsers you download from the market like Miren and Dolphin, and news readers such as Pulse will now work.
    Wifi issue that caused you to need to reboot after the first flash before Wifi would turn on is now fixed. You can connect straight away after flashing the ROM!
    Corporate email setup added to Accounts & sync (all security settings work correctly, but remote wipe does not factory restet the device as of yet, but is does disconnect the emails).
    Screenshot function added (select in Settings > Display). You can take screenshots by long-press of the Recent Apps softkey.
    The Calendar app is back from Vacation and ready to organize your life.
    The Books app has gotten over it's shyness and now shouldn't dissapear shortly after boot. This is still slightly strange so it might go walkies if you don't pin it down :/
    Working Recovery Reboot app added, this one works so you no longer need gscript to reboot to recovery! (thanks to Paul O'Brien for this app!)
    VegaComb Beta simple boot logo added.
    REALLY annoying black fade on the right-side when using the notifications popup has been removed as it refused to display correctly.
    MicroSD card now correctly displays as what it is, instead of showing as Internal USB storage.
    Moving apps to the MicroSD should now work correctly, and apps launch fine, even if you have USB debugging turned on.
    USB external storage now shows correctly, and gives a notification when it is plugged in (you can click on the notification to browse files or dismount the USB storage).
    Can now correctly mount FAT, EXT and NTFS USB storage and browse through the file browser.
    When you connect the Vega to the PC with your USB cable, you now get a notification allowing you to mount your SD card over the USB to share your files!
    Doubled the ammount of memory that was available to apps in order to try and combat some of the freeze-up issues (MAKE SURE YOU WIPE DALVIK CACHE WHEN YOU INSTALL THIS BETA!)
    Other stuff I've forgotten again :/
    Welcome to VegaComb BETA1a...
    1a release is a very small patch to the installer script to make sure everything is installed correctly!
    What's new in BETA1?
    This is a HUGELY new build, and has required a ton of testing, so please bear this in mind :P
    Files have been streamlined and some slowdown bugs should have been fixed, you should see a nice little speed increase in this build.
    SuperUser is FINALLY fixed! No... I really mean it this time :P
    WiFi has been patched. You will still have to reboot as it will lock the first time you try to turn it on, but after that it should be much more stable than before, and shouldn't require you to toggle WiFi on/off all the damn time.
    The Dolby Audio section in the Settings menu was causing Force Close errors, so this has now been removed from the menu completely.
    Web browser has been hacked to prevent you having to disable EGL rendering in order for it to work.
    Gmail and Email apps have been FIXED. You can now read your emails in both apps, they should be working perfectly as far as I have tested.
    Bluetooth libs and binaries have been added. Bluetooth now turns on without any errors, but I cannot yet confirm if it actually works. If someone tests this, please let me know!
    WiFi has been patched to connect correctly to ad-hoc networks. So you can now tether your Vega to a phone such as the HTC Hero.
    The whole image has been SHRUNK (massively) to fit into the Vega's default partition size. It's a hell of a squeeze, and some apps have had to be pushed to /data to make it fit. All of these are apps that can be re-downloaded from the market like maps etc) other than two, the Android keyboard (it's a huge file :P) and the Android Music app. If you prefer to use a different keyboard, you can remove this one, but if you wipe /data, you will have NO keyboard installed, and the world might implode :P
    This is now a ClockworkMod image, designed to be used on the Vega's default partition tables, so DO NOT flash this over the top of ALPHA4. Re-flash 1.09 (or some other standard image) before installing this through CWM. You now have a healthy 293mb to play with in /data, so you can download stuff off the market without worrying like in ALPHA4 :) 
    OK, LOTS more stuff has changed, but I can't remember a lot of it, I'm sure it will come back to me, but my brain is a little fried right now and I need a beer :P
    Updates from ALPHA4:
    Gapps WORKING! (Huge effort on IRC, big thanks to MrGuy!)
    NTFS usb drives should now be detected in host mode (not tested)
    Moved some apps to /data and shrunk the /system partition to 260mb to give you some more space now that the market works!
    3D Photo Browser, Books, Maps, Youtube, Google Talk and Music Apps moved to /data (you can uninstall them from there to save space, if you wipe data/factory reset you will lose them!)
    Browser patched to turn off EGL rendering by default, so no more need to use about:debug anymore.
    SuperUser fixed!! (Hopefully properly this time! :P) (ONLY JOKING I BROKE IT AGAIN! :P)
    Other stuff I've forgotten :P
    Updates fromAlpha3:
    SD Card is now detected
    Audio fixed (HomerSp, legend :) )
    WiFi Fixed (Guess who? :P ) (This is still buggy, the first time you turn it on, it will not work. Reboot, then try again. Sometimes need to toggle on/off to get it running)
    G-Sensor fixed (yup, you can rotate happily now!)
    Bottom-Bar Home button fixed.
    Lock screen added.
    Hardware buttons now work, power to sleep/wakeup etc.
    Added Spare Parts, you can set power to home/sleep.
    Root and Superuser added (you should be able to use CPU tools to overclock now). (WHOOPS I BROKE THIS! SEE BELOW ON HOW TO FIX!)
    Bunch of changes in build.prop
    More updated libs and binaries than you can shake a llama at.
    Initial Features from Alpha1:
    It boots!
    Hardware Acceleration!
    Most (not tested) android apps should run.
    What doesn't work (updated as of 1.7):
    Camera Still FC.
    Flash player doesn't work in apps or in the default browser (Opera Mobile only!)
    Battery indicator doesn't always update correctly (wipe battery stats tog et around this).
    Audio has been reported as "Tinny" - we are looking in to this.
    Factory reset (and remote exchange wiping) not working.
    Cannot connect to PEAP Wifi networks.

    We will keep working on this!

    Myself and Corvus have put a whole ton of work in to this, but there are others who deserve praise for all of their work:
    HomerSp, for his brilliant work on fixing the Hardware acceleration, sound, wifi, the world, curing cancer and generally being awesome!
    The guys working on the NotionInk Adam port here at TabletROMs - They have helped us a LOT both with their original port to use as a base, and a wealth of help they have given us on IRC to get this working, our original port was based on files from the SDK, Xoom and Transformer, we are now completely basing our work on their amazing ROM (which is based on the Transformer and Iconia) Thanks guys!.
    MrGuy has worked with me extensively on version 1.7 (and with lots of parts before!), so HUGE thanks to him!
    Lenny from VillainROM. Lenny has pretty much tested and approved EVERY build of VC to date, given opinions and hilighted bugs. Thanks a lot man!

    THE DOWNLOAD COMES IN 2 FLAVOURS! A full ROM for flashing from scratch, or if you are already running 1.6, there is a handy-dandy 1.6-1.7 update patch! download the right one for you!

    DOWNLOAD VegaComb BETA 1.7 NOW!

    1.6 to 1.7 PATCH DOWNLOAD:
    This can be applied directly over any 1.6 version
    Download FIXED BETA 1.6 to 1.7 Patch here!


    If you would like to be notified when a new rom is released, please join us on twitter!
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    Quote Originally Posted by newbe5 View Post
    OK, first things first. this is Alpha. This is so alpha you wouldn't believe. But it boots, it runs (fast!) and it is great for showing off. We know that you guys are HUNGRY for Honeycomb on the Vega, and so here you are, proof that we are just not standing idly by :P

    What works:
    It boots!
    Hardware Acceleration!
    Most (not tested) android apps should run.

    What doesn't work:
    Everything else :/
    No Wifi yet.
    Don't use the camera, the world will implode.
    No screen rotation.

    We will keep working on this!

    Video of the ROM in action (Alpha1)

    Myself and Corvus have put a whole ton of work in to this, but there are others who deserve praise for all of their work:
    The guys working on the NotionInk Adam port here at TabletROMs - They have helped us a LOT both with their original port to use as a base, and a wealth of help they have given us on IRC to get this working.
    HomerSp, for his brilliant work on fixing the Hardware acceleration, making this super fast!

    DOWNLOAD VegaComb NOW!
    Dont forgot to give permissions if you use linux (755 to and nvflash into tools).

    And is more easy if in Restore_* you put a -w after nvflash so wait for a connection (tested only in linux)


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    Wow great work! you beat me to it :P
    following with great interest and good look with the rest

    20 mins to download

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    Well.. what can I say 'Great work!!!' thought I would give it a test on my week old Vega... really nice and smooth, it's a great building block to work from now. If I had any knowledge I would offer my services. .but as I don't (Linux / Android is not my thing) but more than willing to test anything you want.

    Looking forward to the coming days / weeks.. You all deserve a Beer, no doubt about that. In fact I'm going to have one as well.. lol

    Keep up the fantastic peeps, your an inspiration !

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    Nice work


    We are the Android, we will assimilate you.
    Want to make this place better, just ask the staff. Remember, the "No' is always there, you are just looking for the "Yes".
    Members, please read the Guidelines otherwise Banlandia awaits.

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    Just a quick method to get back to another rom..

    From what I've read after playing with this Alpha release you will need to re-install the stock 1.09 rom via the same method. This is needed to re-size the partitions back.

    Once your on the stock rom the easiest way I've found to install market / rom manager / cwm etc.. is to download a single file and stick it in a software update folder on your SD card. Once you have it on your SD card you can just goto software update on your vega and install / reboot and your done. You can then root / reinstall a previous backed up image :-)

    This post on XDA will show you how..

    Hope this helps.


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    You work is greatly appreciated, and i can tell you its a rather big success on Folio100 and ElocityA7.. i got Wifi fixed on ElocityA7, but seems browser shows no content when browsing pages..

    is it normal that menu at the bottom cannot be accessed? does it happen on vega too?

    the hw acc change was great and is works quite fine now on Elocity A7.
    I will see what can be done on that tablet to fix some issues, as i has only singletouch, and i cannot drag icons or remove from desktop :-) (driver issue)

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    Is it safe to assume that this rom would also work on the chinese version:

    Hardware and build wise they seem to be identical.

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    How did you get the wifi fixed on the ElocityA7?

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