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    VegaICS Beta 1

    Fourth release of ICS for the Advent Vega and Shuttle based Family..

    Im not usually one for OP's so excuse the lack of pics or other niceties you'd expect.
    But a video of installation and basic usage can be found here, thanks gadgetoadicto ..
    sorry for not posting the other vids out there .. seems i have a limit of 1 video per post...

    You can find the build here :


    VegaICS Beta1 MD5
    1a5ed3243f147c3d25c0caa1a7568862 - VegaICS-Beta1.exe


    This is the first Beta build of ICS for the vega and other tabs like it.
    This should now be feature complete and deserving of an upgrade from Alpha status.
    This is very stable and nice to work in from my point of view, nothing i can see
    as major that will prevent you having a nice experience.

    Work is based on Android 4.0.3


    HW acceleration
    SD card
    USB host
    A2DP (fixed??)
    3G (fixed???) (logcat -b radio) (dmesg) logs to if not
    Sound 48khz
    HDMI Sound/Video 720p
    HQ video (YouTube, Netflix, etc)
    Camera (resumes from sleep, no workarounds)
    120 DPI Launcher fixed
    CWM recovery with no stale boot
    Advanced Power Menu (some of it anyway see not working for details )
    Add the shuttle tools apk for usb host
    GPS libs added
    Calendar / Gallery Gapps
    Dictionary added
    Remove G-earth / GMaps (you can download them)
    Add a file manager
    Recovery reboot app
    tun.ko added for VPN
    Apps2SD Fixed
    Latest Gapps 120dpi supported
    Browser settings modified showing settings advanced -> uagent

    In Progress
    Sleep problem relating to WiFi

    3G, let us know if it works, if not provide logcat and dmesg. Should
    work fine for data, voice and sms will require an Android recompile to
    add those features, no time to do right now, will do later once 3G is
    confirmed to work, i dont have it so cant test.

    Slow sound in Skype, 48khz sound should fix it .. feedback required ..

    Power menu options need fixed / removed


    Wifi should work fine now, a new library and framework has been created
    to enable Wifi to work properly .. However .. Wifi is slow to resume from
    sleep.. you may have to toggle Wifi off/on to have it resume .. If you wait
    it returns no problems.. its just a bit slow.

    Not working

    Advanced Power menu on shutdown has some options that dont work

    Reboot to recovery
    Reboot to bootloader
    Aeroplane mode (does not come out of it as i seen)

    Ill get to fixing / removing these at a later date


    This Beta build is in NVflash format only, i could not be bothered yet
    to create a CWM update file yet as its still to early for me to care
    for that.. Just execute this in the normal fashion from windows.
    Or extract it and do from linux for all you penguin lovers out there..


    Backup current files / data as this image will wipe it all


    Cass -- VegaICS and some other stuff.
    ejtagle -- Fantastic kernel work /core libs and sage like advice


    Paul O'Brien from Modaco for the Vega when mine went boom
    Lareeth for his reboot to recovery app
    Shaizer for his VegaICS splash screen
    Others who provided splashscreens .. thanks too .. keep at it i may use them yet
    DVTonder for his Advanced power menu code
    MrDeadlocked for his fix to make DVTonders menu appear on our tabs
    the3dman via MrDeadlocked for the 120dpi launcher fix
    MrGuy for the info on Mic sound duplex fix
    Wooshy1/Areo/scanno for the recovery image (no stale boot on most tabs)
    brucelee666 for the random reboot fix, ueventd fix
    Scanno for the touch recovery

    The community for all the feedback and testing
    Anyone else i spoke to i missed here (Sorry and a BIG THANK YOU)


    Most of the large dirs in /system are now squashfs files, this is to save on space.
    You need to use squashfs with gzip support if you are to play with them. Kernel must
    also have squashfs support included.

    The dir that contains WiFi firmware and kernel module has been relocated to /system/etc/misc/
    this is to ensure of the minimum file size of any update we make to the kernel and provide to you.. It makes not difference as its linked back to its proper place.

    tun.ko for vpn can be found in /system/etc/misc/ too, linked back to the proper place.

    For all other libs you need to add, add them to /system/vendor/lib, they will be picked up.

    Enjoy !!! Feedback welcome !!!


    Donate - ejtagle


    Donate - Cass

    If ejtagle makes his million with donations, im sure he'll help me out .. he deserves your gratitude ..

    Thanks for any donations you send ..


    Be polite -- if you want to use this ROM .. contact me .. we can work something out .. if you just take it .. we will know
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    Ready to help if you need help


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    Nice to see that work is underway. It seems like the team have a lot to fit into a small space. I have faith that the team can do it, based on what has been done in the past, and the miracles that have been performed bringing Gingerbread and Honeycomb to our wonderful tablet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by areo View Post
    Ready to help if you need help

    As soon as i release mate, ill take all the help i can get


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    Can't wait to try it out and as always, i feel the vega custom roms are in safe hands for the future
    All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.

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    first impressions it seems to work well. I dont notice any slowing up either

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