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Thread: Stuck at White Screen

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    Stuck at White Screen

    Hello Guys,

    Is this a know issue anywhere ? My brother got an Vega for Christmas, I installed Vegacomb on it and he's been happily using it since then but
    today he tells me its stuck on a white screen , Just got home from work to find it is indeed stuck.

    I can power off, then on with back button pressed to get it to connect via USB and its showing recovery. Do I need to return to
    stock or reflash or ??

    advice greatly appreciated

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    My POV Mobii tegra 2 was software bricked too when running vegacomb 3,2 upd. 3, not due to the rom it self but some silly software/malware, so after i tried to flash a lot of other roms ended up to start with flashing original stock rom, then moddestock 1.2 iirc then vegacomb, and then HonyIce rom. Vegacomb rocks this device but HoneyIce is more stable and a lot slower.
    Just my 2 ct.
    Sent from either one of my devices: Yarvik TAB 210(android 2.1),310(Android 2.2),410(Android 2.2), 2* Point of View mobii Tegra2 Android 3.2 OC'ed, Dell Streak 5 8Gb stock Android 2.2.2, Samsung Galaxy S Plus stock Android 2.3.3 or my trustworthy IMac.

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