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Thread: Unresponsive Screen

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    Unresponsive Screen

    I think I must be the unluckiest person with this rom
    Running 3.2 update 3
    I am going to be running into a 4th day of redoing the ROM after my flash debacle I now have an issue where the screen is not responding.
    Guys I am sure the ROM is very good I just don't seem to be getting anywhere fast
    The issues start when I am browsing I get a flickering browser then the screen doesn't work
    Please any ideas as I can see me giving up and the unit finding its way back to 2.2 and back to currys and accept 200 doesn't get you a good unit

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    a) It's faulty
    b) needs recalibration (with USB mouse or maybe via adb?): heating parts of the screen helps you get trought certain menu's (not standard rom).I did recalibration for 15-20 times in total, only in the end it worked, but now it works fine.(It was a new tablet, the original software did never work for me)

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    Thread moved, please keep the development forum clean.


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