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Thread: Q honey ice or viewcomb 3.2?

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    Question Q honey ice or viewcomb 3.2?

    first of all im new to this forum so let me introduce myself,
    Im Taz from the isle of wight, soon to be proud new owner of an advent vega refurb

    ..before i post my question i wasnt sure which forum to post as i dont have access to the rom development forum so appologies if this is the wrong forum!

    I have been researching on a stable 3.2 rom and have found the "Vegacomb 9n+Honey Ice 3.2.7 beta 2 update" and also somewhere i have seen the "Viewcomb 3.2 - 6.3 Rom" which i assume works for the vega also, from my understanding these are both Vega comb

    Q is can anyone tell me in their experiance which is more stable or infact what the differances are? Viewcomb seems alot easier to flash.. allthough i am confident i can flash to Honey Ice correctley

    Thanks and Big thanks to all the guys who developed VegaComb allthough i havent had a chance to use it yet!
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    Hi Taz!

    I tried both roms and the viewcomb was a little bit laggy last time i tried.
    But its possbily improved since then.
    Now i'm on honeyice 3.2.7b191 and although it was a pain to install - because ive got bootlop and only succeded after 7-8th times of reinstall - its worth it!
    On honeyice ive properly working gyro sensor, usb host mode and a fast and smooth system. Until now there was no browser fc neither.
    Also the developer of honey ice releasing patches and fixes day by day.
    So i recommend honey ice, but you have try it out yourself!

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    I have Viewcomb running and am quite satisfied with it. I chose it over VegaComb for the ease of installation (just a single flash and you're done).

    Minor annoyances are:
    - screen rotation reacts slowly (known issue)
    - latest Google Maps update causes reboot
    - sometimes it doesn't turn on with first button press
    - sometimes WLAN doesn't activate on reboot, need to manually activate it
    (of course, since ViewComb is based on VegaComb, those issues may well be present in both ROMs.. )

    Haven't tried any games though, so I can't say anything about gyro sensor and the like.
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    Its all going to be a matter of opinion so you should just try both. Hard when you have choices.

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