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Thread: Help needed please

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    Help needed please


    I have been running my Advent quite happily with VC 8.1 and all of a sudden it wont boot - goes to the dreaded back lit screen. I've read thousands of threads regarding the issue and followed all the advice ie - re-flashing with Modded Stock then re installing but after a successful installation, it again boots to the back lit screen.. Very frustrating.

    can anyone advise on what I'm doing wrong please?

    To summarize - go back to 'factory setting' re-flash etc - works perfectly but once I turn the tablet off - BACK LIT SCREEN.

    Tried this about half a dozen times now.

    Hope you can help?



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    What modded stock are you using?
    And, when reflashing, for what I understand, you can run the rom properly, until you reboot?
    ( be advised, that If you're rebooting to recovery, IT WILL lead you to the black screen you're describing. at that stage, just press power for about 10 seconds so tablet goes completely off, and then reboot. It should get you to CWM, this is a known bug, devs are trying to figure it out, but other than a few seconds lost on the process, it's perfectly functional )
    If you're wondering: PoV Mobi Tegra Tab running Vegacomb 3.2 9n update2

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