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Thread: Nandroid backup

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    Nandroid backup

    Hi all,

    This is my first android device and I would love to install vegacomb onto it. I am a COMPLETE noob, so please be kind

    I have done the following, but I am assuming this is not the same thing as a nandroid backup?

    My question is, how do i make a nandroid back up of my vega? I need to do this as safely as possible so if I screw up I can just restore to the original rom. I have searched online and cant seem to find instructions. I have tried to boot in recovery mode by doing the following

    Place the Advent Vega into recovery mode by:
    o Turn the Vega off by holding down the POWER button for 6 seconds
    o Once off, hold the BACK button down for 2 seconds
    o Then, whilst keeping the BACK button held, press and hold the POWER button for 2
    o Then release just the POWER button but keep holding the BACK button for a further
    2 seconds

    However, nothing happens??? I was going to try using the instructions given here
    Making a backup
    Boot into Recovery Mode
    Select Backup/Restore (may vary depending on recovery.img)
    Select Nand Backup (may vary depending on recovery.img)
    Follow on screen directions to complete
    Wait for it to complete.
    Congratulations, you now have a Nandroid backup!

    If some kind person could help me out here I would really appreciate it. I have found lots of guides to installing vegacomb, but none from unboxing.

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    Hi Amanzi.

    I think recovery mode only works if your Vega is plugged into mains power.

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    Hi Amanzi
    You need your Vega connected to your PC on usb and power conected. Also you need to download the usb drivers for the Vega. A good way is to google for Vegatools version 4 and downloand it and run. Once you have the drivers Installed you repeat the button sequence as you did before. The screen will still be blank but (if running windows) go to control panel
    and usb check and it should show Nvidia harmony device. You are now in nv recovery mode and can install Modded stock 1.10 v2 and then Vegacomb. If you look in the vega development thread there is a tutorial for this which explains it more fully than I can.


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    Hi, guys
    Thanks so much for the info. I am now running vegacomb and am so happy with it.
    Many thanks

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