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Thread: Minecraft Pocket Edition on Tablets

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    Minecraft Pocket Edition on Tablets

    Hey All,
    I am trying to get some discussion going on this forum as per the email sent today. This is an excellent source of rom support and want to give it some love.

    My question to all you lucky people is if Minecraft Pocket Edition (currnetly only for Xperia) can be run on a Tablet, namely the Advent Vega. Potentially using a USB keyoard or some kind of xbox/PS3 controller. What would it take to get it up and running? I expect in time that this will be released for other phone models but to my mind it seems like it would not need much work.


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    ?If anyone manages to get this working on the Vega I'd love to know! Minecraft FTW!


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    Found an apk of the very first version of this (version 0.1 alpha) and it at the very least runs without FCing. The game window is like what you get with some gameloft games with the screen being scaled down to the bottom left corner while the buttons are off by about half an inch. So there is definately some hope.

    Recap. App installs and runs fine, world loads and you can select materials but I can't see any way to move or set them (but this way alpha 0.1).
    So there definately is hope.

    Edit: I'd say that movement commands and stuff are logged to the Xperias joypad so until they release a version not requiring a built in joypad it may be tricky on the vega or on the other hand when xpad support is added to vegacomb it may work natively?? Or someone clever manages to remap the controls.

    APKTOP feel free to remove this if it breaks any rules (don't know anything about apktop's rep)
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