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Thread: Huawei 3G/GPS - Modul only works when charging !?

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    Huawei 3G/GPS - Modul only works when charging !?


    I have a POV Mobii with internal 3G/GPS-Modul...(Huawei)

    Tried several ROMs already - and the 3G works more or less fine with most - depending on the ROM.
    What i wanna say is, generally it works - i can surf with 3G, even send SMS, and also get a GPS signal. So the hardware itself seems to be fine.

    The problem is:
    It only works when the Charger is connected to the tablet. When i unplug the charger, the 3G-Modul switches off inmediately... When i plug the charger back in, the 3G / GPS starts working again itself - without need to do anything...

    This is same with all ROMs so far - so i think it has nothing to do with the ROM or Settings...
    I don´t think the tablet comes like this - as it would be "useless" to have 3G and GPS working only at home with the Charger plugged in... hehe

    I thought that maybe some basic-kernel-settings tell the tablet to enable this module only when charger is connected. But - different ROMs have different kernels too, so normally this can´t be the reason.. As far as i understood - when flashing a new ROM, really all settings, etc. get deleted/replaced !? But i have this same issue with moddedstock, vegabean, vegacream, CM10.1 (which i am running right now...) - and even with the original PoV ROM...
    Have opened the tablet already, but can´t see any broken or badly connected cables...

    I did search here in the forum and also on google - but didn´t find anything regarding such that i finally decided to open this Thread.

    Maybe someone here has an idea...!?

    Thanks in advance !
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