Hi all,

I posted this a while back in an other thread calling it "something for the bored dev's".

But now i see a trend in the other device threads picking it up and posting it in their section. No problem of course that's why i posted it. But i want to bring Plasma Active under the attention of the Vega developers for 1 because it already runs on a vega and for two i think on the vega section we got some of the best developers in the house.

I will try to collect all kind of links and information for you developers to take a look and maybe even get it running on our tablets.

The current version is Plasma active "one" (the "one" is the version number and not part of the name )

the homepage for the project is: Plasma Active One

for the Tegra2 devices there is a cooperation between: the MER project, basyskom and the plasma active team.

There is a developer called Vgrade or Vgrade100 that has Plasma Active running on his Advent Vega you can view the youtube movies here and here.

Btw if you want to follow him and his progress (also nokia 950 and trimslice ) his twitter is @vgrade.

Here is some Meego porting to the tegra2 stuff . Funny thing that they took something from Vegacomb.

I will post more stuff if i find it, i also thought i already have seen a iso for our tablet but i cannot find it anymore (would be alpha state )

I really hope some of the dev's will pick this up, it's looking interesting ..