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    this was taken from here
    For the past couple of days I have been working on creating a ClockworkMod recovery image for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. I'm pleased to announce that the first Beta release is available!

    Some points to note - READ THESE CAREFULLY!
    Use at your own risk! I have successfully used the backup and restore functionality (nandroid) subject to the caveats below, and am currently testing other functions.
    The boot and recovery partitions are currently not accessible from recovery / booted up, so this is a 'fake flash' recovery at this time. Hopefully this will change in the future.
    The above means that boot / recovery cannot be backed up, but also cannot be edited from update zips.
    The USB mount function does not work at this time (planned for a future update).

    I have packaged the recovery as a signed update zip. To use, you must put it on the External SD of your device (/Removable/MicroSD) named ''. r1 Beta - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid Load Balancing) - MD5: 5c20f78385b0232a53f0b5939c505531
    Launching Recovery

    To boot ClockworkMod Recovery, either:
    Turn the device on while holding the volume down button and press the volume up button when prompted
    Download the OPTIONAL 99p 'Transformer Recovery Boot' application from the Android Market (NOTE: This app is completely optional - if you do use it, thanks for your support!
    Source / Updates

    I'll be posting the device profile and source changes on my GitHub shortly, and will issue fixes / new Betas as required.


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