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Thread: [How To] Get Root Access

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    [How To] Get Root Access

    this method was taken from here update: recommend using raymans method in this forum.

    I have decided to release the root method found a few days ago. This is root but it has limitations as noted below so its still much WIP. But with people being able to root as well i hope to get all the bugs fixed faster

    I am in no way responsible for any damage / fire / cataclysmic disasters that flashing this may cause, i test everything as much as possible but by flashing this you understand you do so at your own risk.

    -- This will give you root, but not an insecure boot.img
    -- There is no current way to /safely/ flash boot or recovery (i have some ideas but they are being worked on)
    -- This was an asus error with an update of a specific name would be accepted unsigned
    -- This will work with 99% of apps needing root but there will be some that will not work
    -- As there is no method to flash a custom recovery, any changes to system may leave you with a brick. SO BE CAREFUL


    1) download the following .zip - DOWNLOAD
    2) copy it to the microSD card
    3) reboot the device holding pwr + vol/dwn
    4) slect to boot into recovery (RCK)
    5) the update will flash and reboot
    6) you now have root (please remove .zip from microSD card)

    * Paul for testing the ideas out and making the initial
    * stridger for testing and bounding ideas back and forth

    -- You cannot see a boot/recovery partition in /dev/block/
    -- If you dump the first ~40mb of /dev/block/mmcblk0 there are 3 boot type images there (identifiable with !ANDROID)
    -- Theses seems to be squashed together
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    Is there a way to recover from an update like this? Can we return to an unrooted state?

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    this is really an older method to root than rayman's in this forum. i still haven't rooted my asus yet but when i do i will use the method that rayman and bumble-bee made. from what i hear , yes there is a way to unroot and return to stock.

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