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Thread: Read BEFORE trying to Root

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    Exclamation Read BEFORE trying to Root

    The Asus Transformer is a great tablet that has the ability to become even better by rooting it and installing one of the many great roms developers have created. However, only Transformers running the older v1 SBK (Secure Boot Key) are able to achieve root until a new method is found. Flashing to the wrong SBK can cause your device to blank out, you to start cursing, and then an inevitable "what happened" post. Currently, there are 2 ways to determine if you are able to root your Transformer.

    Method 1: Serial Number
    This method is not precise but it is a very good place to start.
    The first three characters of the Transformer's serial numbers are based on what month the tablet was made. Based on your serial number you should be able to make an approximate guess of your ability to achieve root.

    B4O: April. Should be running v1 SBK. Very early first builds tend to be questionable to whether root can be achieved but many achieve it easily. Proceed with caution.
    B5O: May. Should be running v1 SBK and able to root.
    B6O: June. Should be running v1 SBK and able to root.
    B7O: July. There are some older B7O with s/n B7OKAS17** or lower that are running v1 SBK and are able to root. However, most B7Os are running v2 SBK and can NOT be rooted. Try method 2 for more a second opinion or proceed with caution if trying to root.
    B8O: August. Should be running v2 SBK and can NOT root.
    B9O: September. Should be running v2 SBK and can NOT root.

    Method 2: SBKDetect
    Credit is given to XDA member lilstevie for developing this application.
    XDA member lilstevie created an application that can tell you which SBK version you have. According to lilstevie's post, as of now the application is still under development (not 100% perfect) and for Mac only.
    The original XDA thread, directions, and software download can be found in the XDA Eee Pad Transformer Android Development forum. For your convenience and short attention spans I've quoted the post and provided links to the application.

    This application is under development at the moment and needs a few testers.
    at the moment this is a mac only piece of software, but hopefully soon we (RaYmAn, myself and a few others) will have a linux/windows version.
    usage is simple, "tar xvf sbkdetect.tar; ./sbkDetect" while your device is attached in APX mode. it should take a few seconds to run, paste the result back in this thread along with the first few digits of your serial number (eg: B5OKAS...)
    detection may not be 100% at the moment, as I lack a new SBK device myself to test against. but SHOULD work.
    Thanks to RaYmAn for discovering how to detect the difference between the two devices. Unzip first for the original .tar file
    SBKDetect (via MediaFire)
    Or use the QR code

    PS: I do not have a mac, nor have I personally tested this application, nor do I know what "tar xvf sbkdetect.tar; ./sbkDetect" means so I hope someone else can explain that if anyone has a question about it.

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    Thanks for the heads up ^^

    I have only one question. Where should I register to be notified when the rooting procedure will be available for my B70 ? Is there a nvflash officieal website or will there be an annoucement on those forums ?

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    Once the newer SBK is cracked I'm sure that there will be an announcement and instructions here at TabletRoms seeing as how many of the devs here were the ones to get through the first version. Keep your eyes open. You could also subscribe to the RSS feed.

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