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Thread: [ROM]ThriveDroid(3.2 edition) BOOTLOOP HELP!!!!!

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    Exclamation [ROM]ThriveDroid(3.2 edition) BOOTLOOP HELP!!!!!

    Damn where do i begin, Ok so this morn i flash DJ_Steve's CWM v2 to my thrive outta sheer fear that i would one day forget that partitioning through CWM would turn my Device into a drink coaster, however it turns out that i must of not had flashed it completely or something, I flashed it through Easy Root for dos, however when i use the Recovery mode button combination method(Power & Vol + button) it takes me to the original recovery image and not clockwork(same issue i had with v1 by the way), moving on i thought nothing of this as i assumed that when dev's mentioned clockwork recovery they were referring to the rom manager app that can be used to access CWM from within the OS by clicking the "Reboot Into Recovery" button, Here's where the problem comes into place...tempted to try out Honeycomb 3.2 i flashed the Thrive Droid(3.2 edition) Rom through clockwork recovery (mind you i gained access to clockwork recovery from the ROM manager app within Honeycomb by clicking the "reboot into recovery" button) Now I'm apparently stuck in a boot loop being that i cant access clockwork recovery with the button combo (Power & Vol+) from outside the honeycomb OS or rather outside the ROM manager app,

    despite my idiocy lol, i did manage to make a NAND backup before attempting to do all of this so once i find a way outta this loop i could simply just go back to the rooted stock rom i had running, but any suggestions for someone stuck in a boot loop without access to clockwork recovery ?

    (PS. i have access to fast boot and the default recovery mode on the device)

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    Here is what I posted to you on

    The reason you do not have ClockWorkMod is you need to root the device first and then load ClockWorkMod. If you load ClockWorkMod without root and allow the device to boot even to the starry immage, it replaces ClockWorkMod with the stock recovery. The best thing to do right now is to use the easy flash tool and run the root process. You may get errors about files already loaded. This is OK. Next run the tool and load ClockWorkMod recovery. After that, it should be retained and you should be able to boot into recovery and have ClockWorkMod. At this point, you can load whatever ROM you like. For DJ_Steve's, I do believe you have to clear all the caches. For my Stock rooted ROM, you do not. If all else fails, load the fully stock ROM. It will put your device back to the way it came out of the box. You will loose root and ClockWorkMod, but then you can start all over.

    Hope this helps.
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