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Thread: user-antagonistic facilities on tabletroms website

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    user-antagonistic facilities on tabletroms website

    Just had occasion to make an attachment to a forum post. There was NO RHYME OR REASON to the window which was opened for me by the tabletroms website.

    What I am used to:
    • I click on a button called "Attach"
    • A "file browse" window opens.
    • -- Sometimes there is a filter field, in which I can indicate what I am looking for
    • I navigate in the "file browser" window to the file I wish to attach.
    • I click on a button called "Done" (or, less understandably, called "Open")

    Tabletroms gave me a window with a field into which I was supposed to drag the icon of the file I wanted to attach. But that window only showed me a candidate field with icons of image-files. There was no visible way to indicate that I wanted to see zip-files as candidates. And there was no easily-understood way to fetch additional content into the candidate field (no "file browser" in sight).

    I HAD TO GUESS that the tabletroms site wanted me to populate the candidate field by "uploading" to it. [That's silly - why a two-stage process (first "upload", and only then "attach")? Why not support direct "attaching"??] When I did click on the button called "upload" I was brought to something (where if I remember correctly I again had to click on something) that eventually gave me the "file browser" window I wanted - then I was *finally* able to indicate what file I wanted to attach.

    [I never did figure out WHAT IT MEANT that each of the icons in the candidate field had a box which could be checkmarked (or cleared).]


    By the way, I notice that for me the Community Center on tabletroms defaults to hiding forums/posts older than two weeks. Since some advice had been added a while ago, the user must scroll further down the page, change a drop-down, and click on yet another button -- just to discover whether something helpful is provided by the Community Center.

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    Try uploading a small photo to test the process... There may be limits on file types. It might not accept a zip file (though I'm sure I've seen some) I tried to upload a .gif file once and it was impossible.

    I agree that the vBulletin attachment interface is strange
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    If you select to attach an image button and the file type is supported (says it on top) it just places it in-line, but when you use the attachment manager in the advanced view it allows you to select files that are already existing in the database and add new files and the interface is stupid complicated. I didnt design this and agree its stupid, but I have learned to live with it. My suggestion is to click the image or video button instead as its closer to what you are used to.


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