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Thread: Anyone have any ideas on how to get people to start posting in this forum?

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    Anyone have any ideas on how to get people to start posting in this forum?

    Please leave me some suggestions to make this forum better for everyone.

    Send me a donation and I will put it towards our community. Your donations buy us software, hardware, bandwidth, devices, and help us fund bounties & contests.

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    to get people posting you could feature this forum on the home page

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    Well I can tell you that having been around from near the beginning of NIH, I am fairly awed at what you have done with this site in little over 6 months Andy.
    Build it you have and they have come and will continue to come and no doubt posts and input will build correspondingly.
    Tablets are still a small segment of the consumer market albeit the growth rates predicted as we all know are phenomenal.
    You changed from Notion Ink Hacks to Tablet Roms, perhaps another name adjustment suggesting broader appeal well help. I know you have a large member count but other than more members who will be active, I don't see any good way to increase existing member input. It's the old 80/20 my friend.

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    Write a post in the NI forum, and say something about the adam either praising or damning it. People will get all worked up either way and respond.
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    I too have been "Lurking" since the beginning of NIH. I consider what you have done to be pretty amazing in these past 6 months.

    My suggestion is to post a new Rom. Put together a "Gamers" themed Rom package that includes some of the better games. Sort them on the 5 different homescreens according to game type. Make sure to include an Overclocked kernel and some spectacular background wallpaper, and throw in a new boot animation for good measures. Make a video showing some tricked out transition and a demo of Space Legend or something and also include a screen shot from a benchmark (I prefer AnTuTu). Post a link on the NI conclave and you will probably get a slew of the PO3 Purists to finally root their ADAM and join the community. This could be awesome!!!
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