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Thread: Ubuntu for Dell Streak 7

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    Talk about being behind the times. Look at the date of my last post (before this one)

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    Quote Originally Posted by giveen View Post
    First off, this is for the expierenced users only. I will not help you out with this, and I will not fix any bugs you post. I will take care of this as I see it and as the code on Canonical's side develops.


    What works:

    What does not work:

    To do:
    Fix resolution

    Device Tree

    Kernel Tree
    LED Flashlights

    Build 3:
    Boots!, thank you f69m here on xda

    Step 1. Flash CM10.1 Beta 1 nvflash from the CM10.1 thread
    Step 2. Boot into recovery, factory reset, then format data
    Step 3. Flash Device specific flash ->
    Step 4. Flash Ubuntu File ->
    Step 4a. Reboot

    Step 5. Download Dev-Host - - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service
    Step 5a. adb push /data/ubuntu/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/
    Step 6. adb reboot
    Step 7. Run these commands
    'adb shell'
    'ubuntu_chroot shell'
    'vi /usr/bin/ubuntu-session'
    Find the "grouper" , move your cursor over to the 'g' and then press X, untill grouper is gone
    Press ESC, then press I, and then type in "Streak7"
    Do the same thing basically on "GRID_UNIT_PX=(adjust the number)"
    Press ESC, then press : (<-colon)
    Type in 'wq!" and press enter
    type in "exit"
    type in "reboot"

    Set "export GRID_UNIT_PX=8" and "export QTWEBKIT_DPR=1.2"

    You will need to keep this plugged in, as there is apps crashing and no power management feature yet, so battery burns quickly. The only thing you can do with it is interact with it via adb shell.
    I might want to see Ubuntu run. Cm10 would be pleasant, however I would utilize Ubuntu for ordinary stuff for work and school. In the event that I had a workstation that worked might want to bail you out Giveen .. Keep doing awesome

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