ATTENTION: Please ensure that your ADAM is charged to at least 50% before beginning this process and plug it in as well. We feel confident that this update will not harm your device but we (TABLETROMS.COM) will not be held liable for any damages that could occur from running this update. Also, this update could also violate your warranty, so please proceed with caution and enjoy.

1. Download the .rar file for your Adam.

2. Extract the contents of the .rar file (2 files) and place them on your Fat 32 Formatted MicroSD card.

3. Insert your SD Card into your ADAM

4. Power Down your Adam.

5. Press and hold the Vol+ and simultaneously press the power

6. If the device auto updates it will quickly install and restart. (If not move to step 7.)

7. Highlight and select from external SD (use the volume up and down to navigate and power to select)

8. After running the follow the below instructions to resolve an known market place bug.

Settings —> Applications —> Manage Applications
Choose All
Choose Market
Force Stop
Back out, choose Google Service Framework
Force Stop
Clear Data
Back out to the homescreen,
run the Market (it should fail – that’s what we want)
Wait at least one minute after the system boots up, then retry the Market.

Root, Market, & Adhoc Brought to you by the Team @ (Ver 1.02B)

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