NotionInkAdamFAQ:Could not install on USB Storage or SD card

There are quite a number of apps that cannot be update or install and it is making me frustrated. I went and do my research and i found out that 'smdl2tmp1.asec' is the culprit. I had learnt that it is in a hidden folder or file. Though i try lots of root manager to find the file, but it is clear that i could not see them.

The next advise to me was to hook it up with the desktop and delete from there. Now it was this move that makes me go nuts. I follow the instructions and download java JDK, android sdk, google usb driver. HOWEVER, whenever i hook up my adam to the desktop, i am asked to find a recommended driver. I tried the one from "Select the “usbpcdriver” folder inside the extracted Adam Recovery Kit as the driver location." and also "Right-click on this and UPDATE the DRIVER to the \android-sdk-windows\extras\google\usb-driver\ ...i.e., the same folder where you modified the inf file earlier." but i still cant access the adam through the laptop.

Kindly someone help me to solve this problem as i can foresee someone might need this solution in the future. Thanks

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