I will try to explain in my pour english.

I've the same issue, or at least seems to be the same one. I've followed the instructions: Revert to 2.2, install moduleap.apk, calibrate an then reinstall Vegacomb, first 9n and later udate 3. Twice, to be sure after issue became again.

After a couple of hour of use, display became unresponsive again.

I've been digging on it, and I think that issue just become when tablet heat's up. After let it rest and cold down, display becomes functional.

I've got dock (Viewsonic 11s is fully functional) and tested tablet with mouse. With Multitouch Visualizer I found that, what actually is happening: Display takes my 1 finger touch like 2 ones, 1 finger, 3 circles on screen. 2th finger removes circles from screen, just like 4th one do when display is working fine.

I've installed battery solo widget, to get, at least battery temperature when display fails and when it works.
As soon as I take ths info, I'll revert to 2.2 to check if same issue happens with that ROM.

I hope help someone with this info and other I could collect.