AdventVegaFAQ:How do I fix my Vega touch screen that became unresponsive and buggy??

I started having problems with my Vega touch screen to the point that if I clicked one icon in the app drawer I would open two applications to the left, swipe and long clicks were simply impossible ... I searched the forum for a bit and found out that it's a common problem, and even with some other forum members quick explanation, people were having problems doing it. So why not explain more carefully here =]

the short answer was by Cass on this post

so I'll just elaborate more on it:

If you try to install and run this apk on Vegacomb, it will not work, that's because of the different kernel and drivers.

So in order to fix your Vega screen you have to:
  • re-install ModdedStock (or stock, or corvus, as long as it's a 2.2 ROM) <<LINK>>
  • grab that screen calibration app and install it: moduleap.apk
  • use that software to calibrate the screen
  • now you can go back and re-install your Vegacomb

"But if my screen is not working how do I install use that ???"

very good question, we have a few possible answers, let's start with the easiest one:
  • You have a original vega dock station or got a friend who have it and connect your vega to the dock station, connect the dock station to the power supply and connect a USB mouse on the dock station. Use the mouse!
  • You don't own or know anyone with the dock, but you can install corvus5 excellent 2.2 ROM << LINK >> start it in USB host mode ("Press power button, once display get power (you will see the diference), press back button and hold until finish booting") connect a USB mouse on the Vega USB door and use the mouse!
  • That's the worse option, as it still needs you to click a few things on the screen. Download ADB from here <<LINK>> and use ADB commands (I won't explain those as this is a advanced feature and only advanced users should even bother to try) to install and execute the app, although pressing the 'calibrate' button and turning on debug mode you'll have to click with your hand.

Remember that in the process you WILL lose all your data. If you have the Vega dock station, you can use it to connect a mouse and use Titanium Backup to make a backup. If you don't, you just have to bite the bullet and admit that u lost it.

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