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  1. Some more: [Optimized] Games for Xperia Play...

    Some more:
    [Optimized] Games for Xperia Play
  2. I've found apps for workaround for the sleep...

    I've found apps for workaround for the sleep issue!

    Install these two apps:
  3. Thanks. Found: Rotation Locker...

    Thanks. Found:
    Rotation Locker

    Small app, and works.

    Also, Could you post games that you've tried that work using...
  4. Open Explorer. F-Droid Browse...

    Open Explorer.
    F-Droid Browse

    This works well as a file manager too. From the f-droid market.
  5. ES File explorer....

    ES File explorer.

    It works well with landscape mode, and can be easily controlled. It can also browse...
  6. Angry birds. ...

    Angry birds.

    This and other games by Rovio work well in landscape, and the game can easily be controlled using the trackpad.
  7. List of apps and games that work well with keyboard.

    Hi users of Android on Toshiba Ac100. I's like to start this thread to see which apps run fine on Toshiba ac100.

    An app runs fine if:
    * It runs in landscape mode.
    * Most of the functionality...
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