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  1. Press the [WEBBROWSER]-button in the top row -...

    Press the [WEBBROWSER]-button in the top row - ( and surprise,surprise ! ) - a menu will open. There you can power off your Toshiba.

    Remark: Pressing the same button while the TOSHIBA...
  2. @ Punisher ! Having used your HOW-TO my TOSH...

    @ Punisher !

    Having used your HOW-TO my TOSH finally has a german 'Tastaturbelegung' =layout. :)

    Merci beaucoup !
  3. @ MarQsz, Re: Multiplay IME

    Thanks for the hint about Multiplay IME.

    Today I activated it and played around with the settings. But it did not change anything.
    My TOSH still has its QWERTY layout. :(

    How does Multiplay...
  4. Android 3.0.1 v0.4 for Toshiba AC100 works great on my TOSHIBA AC100-10V (German) ...

    ... but I need help changing keyboard-layout.

    I flashed new ROM on my TOSH yesterday and it works like charm. GREAT WORK ! Only minor bugs like lid switch not working.
    Got to thank...
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