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Thread: Request: Getting that initial Device Setup

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    Request: Getting that initial Device Setup

    Hey out there in Rom Development Land !
    I'm looking for a little bit of a nudge in the right direction to help get a handle of building/debugging/compiling a custom rom.

    So far I have a development environment based on Ubuntu 11.10, and got ICS to compile and run in the emulator. I'm now trying to get something together for the Adam I have (and then possibly the HP Touchpad after).

    I've been all over Google Search, I've been on the Cyanogenmod site, I've been through this site, and back on notioninkhacks. I have just enough information to be dangerous, but I'm missing a pretty vital piece I think . . mostly to do with initial device setup . . especially when you aren't just pulling in someone's work. (i.e. just using one from a repo somewhere someone submitted)

    In my searches, I found some older projects on github that had a directory set up to add under android/device for the adam (so android/device/nvidia/harmony). I ran the script to take files from my current running rom (which is AdamComb ver 0.3). Whatever version of android this extract-files script was intended to run against couldn't find a number of files on the AC3 rom, so I commented those out. Since this tool and device directory were based on older versions of android, so I'm not sure how reliable this is going to be.

    Now I've been fixing issues along the way (some overlay errors, some missing files from the extract-files process, etc) . . but after having sat around in the irc channel, I'm worried that I'm totally sabotaging myself. Rather then continue on . . which I'm doing anyways because I don't know any better, I figured I'd finally ask for a little direction as I'm self teaching myself all of this without really knowing what I'm doing.

    I know most of you folks are crazy busy with trying to figure out ICS and how to port it. I don't expect a complete tutorial, but a little pointer or something would be nice. I've been through all the links where most folks try to be helpful . . . but a lot of those are how to build the system, not how to build it for a particular device, or it's just a recompile of the same version of android, which seems like it would be much easier then trying to use libraries from HC in ICS (or even which libraries I need to pull from the device to make it work).

    Been a bit hesitant to ask too many questions in the irc channel only because I feel like I'm far behind the rest of you, and I don't want to be too much of a distraction. Once I get further then this, I figure I might be able to contribute more . . . or at least more brave.

    Heck, I might just write up the process after to make it easier for others to get through this easier in the future.

    Thanks in advance for your time and patience

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    The easiest way to do this, is to use Cyangonmod's scripts. Find a device in their github that is similar to yours and work from there. For example I was working on a CM7 build for the Streak7, and I started by copying a lot of Vega stuff. This is called 'porting'. Taking something designed for another and 'porting' it to yours.

    And as for which libraries...the safest thing is to do them all.

    You are never too far behind to ask questions. Trust me, never. I ask DJ_Steve questions all the time.

    For the script, here is the best way to do it.
    Pull up 'adb shell'
    Do a 'ls' on '/system' ...'/system/etc' ....'system/lib' etc etc etc etc etc etc

    Open up those and start imputing those file names. Start by figuring out which one of yours are already in the script, then start adding the rest.
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    Thanks for the reply. Based on your suggestion I've been trying to modify what I've got with libraries and updating some of the other files as well.

    I have a much greater appreciation for all the work you guys do here as it certainly isn't easy, and a lot of things to keep in mind. My first time through, I foolishly grabbed too many of the libraries and created a build far to large to be practical.

    Lots of trial and error here.

    Again, thanks for the information, and a big thank you to all the rom developers out there !!

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