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Thread: Screen Problem

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    Screen Problem

    My sister dropped her tablet and her screen became this white thing. (The crack wasn't there when the screen first was like this. She punched it out of frustration and cracked it.) Even though the screen is like this, she is still able to use the tablet. We can hear the typing sound whenever we touch in the area where the password is. The only problem is that she can't see anything because the screen is like this. Is there any way to fix this? Or is she gonna have to go without a tablet until we can get her a new one?
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    It could be possible to fix it. Up to 3X what a replacement tablet with the same specs would cost and up to 2X what a tablet with better specs would cost. These tablets are at the bottom of the food chain and just not worth the hassle or cost to repair, that's IF you can find the correct parts.
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