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Thread: Adding Google Play to VL P7L 4.1.1

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    Question Adding Google Play to VL P7L 4.1.1

    I read the thread on how to add Play to VL tablets, got the drivers updated, triple checked the version of Gapp I needed, got it downloaded and unzipped. I posted the following in that thread and got no response:

    I have "Install_PLAY_USB" and "Install_PLAY_Wireless" (v4.1.1)

    No "Install_UOTMOD_USB"

    I'm totally new to all this, I'm not purposely being an idiot here

    Can anyone tell me what I did wrong, or which of those .cmd's I need to use?

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    Plug your tablet into your usb port and try the "Install_PLAY_USB" command. That should do it for ya. If not download ADB wireless onto tablet then use the Install_PLAY_Wireless
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