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Thread: Screen resolution / layout?

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    Question Screen resolution / layout?

    So I bought two VL Prestige 7L tablets for my kids, and my daughter's broke (screen got shattered) and my son refuses to play on his (he prefers his mother's Kindle Fire). That being said, these were the unrooted Jelly Bean versions, and I absolutely hated the custom overlay. As well, I have a Notion Ink Adam, and I've had it rooted pretty much since the first week I had it, and so I wanted to go ahead and root the remaining 7L.

    So I downloaded Rabid1's ROMS last night and LiveSuit 1.11. The flash worked beautifully, and I found out the hard way that I had the 8188eu chip. So now my 7L is running version B. Thanks to Rabid1 and xihuitl for their excellent work.

    But now that it's up and running, I have a question. I would like to improve the resolution of the tablet, or at least get a home screen layout that is 5 columns and four rows, instead of the horribly awkward 4x4 screen that this ROM seems to be set at. Has anyone successfully changed the density of the screen on this tablet, and if so, what tool did you use? I don't want to change it that much, but even in portrait mode, it's evident that this table should be able to support a 5x4 layout.

    Thanks, y'all.

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    I haven't attempted it on that specific tablet. But there was an app called dpi changer, I think. I did use that once on a rooted tablet to change the screen density.

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