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Thread: How to backup ROM

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    How to backup ROM

    I am new to tablet ROMs, but have flashed a dozen or so ROMs onto several different Visual Land and other tablets. I have been very hesitant to flash a new ROM onto a tablet that I don't have a good image file to flash back to. This is fine for the Visual Land tablets since the images are available on this forum. I have looked around for a way to backup ROMs on a tablet that I don't have a known good image file, and it appears that ClockworkMod Recovery is the widely used way to recover to a prior ROM. I've tried to install this on the current Allwinner tablet I am working with (Trio Stealth Pro 7C) and when I try to flash the recovery console, I get a "Must Install Manually" message. I have searched and can't find instructions on how to install manually. Also, since the Visual Land tablets are apparently not supported by CWM recovery, there must be some other way people here are backing up their ROMs.

    Can someone help or point me to instructions on how to either make an image from the installed ROM on a tablet, or some other way of ROM recovery?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Stjohnh View Post

    Can someone help or point me to instructions on how to either make an image from the installed ROM on a tablet, or some other way of ROM recovery?

    Have you contacted the manufacturer with a "problem" and requested a link to firmware. Just tell them it is stuck at the boot animation

    There are a couple reported working Clockwork recovery for the A10s. Google "Allwinner A10 Clockwork Recovery" . I don't know if you have tried any of those, in particular THIS ONE. I think once it's done the only way to access it is to use "adb reboot recovery", the hardware buttons won't start it on boot.

    What you might want to consider is using a MOD as opposed to a ROM. A MOD accomplishes the same thing but you can do backups to the involved files and push them back if you have a problem using ADB. Most of your performance tweaks can be done through wpa_supplicant.conf and build.prop. Less chance of bricking that way.

    DOWNLOAD this but don't install it, just look at some of the files involved. I assume you are working with ICS so Google ICS OOM Changer for the services jar. To do theme edits of framwork-res.apk and SystemUI.apk is pretty easy, you just have to open them in with a zip program, then find the graphics you want to change in the /res folders. You just have to keep the size and type the same. Some of the stuff for ICS though like the animation and halo stuff isn't so easy and i don't mess with it yet. Fonts are simple enough to replace. An easy way to get graphics is to use UOT Kitchen to edit Gingerbread framework ans systemui files, then pull the graphics from them into the ICs framework and systemui files. You really only use the icons, status bar graphics, and fonts.
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