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Thread: Prestige 7 Gplay and Skype tutorial

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    Sorry, i have had a very busy mid-week. ill try and help you work this out later today.
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    Normally if you are seeing the cannot stat or file not found, you either do not have the ADB drivers installed correctly. or USB debugging is not turned on on your tablet. There is also an off chance that some security software on your PC may be affecting it. You could try turning off any security suite, like MacAfee or Symantec.

    To test go into the directory you unzipped the script to and open a command prompt. Connect the tablet via USB and then type adb devices . If it says List of Devices and then is blank underneath you are not connected properly, check the drivers and that USB debugging is turned on on the tablet. Check the hardware manager on your PC to make sure the device is identified properly. Remember that the Livesuit drivers are not the same as the ADB drivers.
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    I am having an issue managing the apps, it won't even let me into apps section of the settings. Does anyone know what I should do?

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