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Thread: Playbook my thoughts

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    Playbook my thoughts

    I just spent 30 mins playing with the playbook. This is the worst device to demo without an associate around, but a great little tablet to be completely honest. I think its much nicer than the 7 inch samsung and the interface is well designed after you figure out that you swype from the bottom to change dialogs (not very intuitive), but once you understand it it's great Once this thing gets the ability to use android apps it will be a very strong player. Think its the best device in the 7 inch platform.

    The ui is very clean, responsive, and the touch screen is very accurate. The camera is pretty good, what I would expect from a 5mp. Front facing camera is really good as well.

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    All the Product Devs I know at Sprint can't stand it. They hate it. I myself haven't played with it though.

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    Did they say why they hated it. Could it be a learning curve?


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