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Thread: Rewireing some Speakers to get better Volume.

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    Rewireing some Speakers to get better Volume.

    I have a set of speakers that have low output. I took apart another set of speakers that are USB powerd and took out their amp with the USB connection.
    From the headphone jack is three wires. R L G Those hook just fine to the mini amp. But coming out of the amp are four wires.
    They do not seem to be. R, G, L, G. What I would like to do is solder them onto a head phone jack like "Radioshack 274-246" But when I hook the the two "Ground" wires together it doesn't work right.
    So how do I attach the four, red, black, red, black, to a head phone jack so I can then plug in my set of low sounding speakers.


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    Hmm... weird. Connecting grounds together at an output usually works. It could be a number of issues though.

    First are the speakers you are going to use them with the same impedance as what the amp is expecting? If the new ones are too low it could be in effect shorting out the amp.

    I'd first try and do just a single channel to try and narrow down what is going wrong. Just so I'm understanding right, you have an amp with a phono input that gets power over USB, and you're connecting that amp output to a set of unpowered speakers?

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