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Thread: [L-ROM] Tenchi's SOKP-ROM Lollipop Android 5.1.1 for ADAM [WIP]

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    [L-ROM] Tenchi's SOKP-ROM Lollipop Android 5.1.1 for ADAM [WIP]

    This is a build of the latest Android Sonic Open Kang Project SOKP-ROM Lollipop 5.1.1 ROM. This includes USB fixes from ri9000. This is an AOSP/AOKP based ROM with many customizations. Unfortunately it will only work on micro sd card due to some required kernel changes and out of date yaffs2.

    For more info go here: Home

    Currently overclocked to 1.5GHz, to edit PixelQi settings, clock speed, sleep mode and other settings edit /system/etc/

    How to install ROM and Google Apps zips from ClockworkMod

    1. Download the zip and ADB and USB drivers ZIP in download section.
    2. Follow "How to install ADB driver" instructions below.
    3. Make sure you have an alternate keyboard pre-installed before installing Google Apps otherwise you will get force closes of AOSP keyboard all the time.
    4. Power on Adam in recovery mode by holding Volume + and toggling power switch.
    5. On PC in command prompt type 'cd "adb directory"'
    6. If you want to install to micro sdcard refer to link for setup details: Booting from sdcard much faster! and Type 'adb shell setprop sdboot 1'.
    7. Type 'adb shell mount -a' ignore the errors (try again if you don't see any error message).
    8. If installing new ROM type adb shell rm -rf /system/* to remove previous ROM files and do Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
    9. Type 'adb push /external_sd/' (should see files being transferred to microsd).
    10. On Adam use volume keys or middle 2 soft touch keys to navigate up and down to "Install zip".
    11. Press top soft key button to enter selection.
    12. Navigate and enter to /storage/external_sd.
    13. Navigate and enter to your file.
    14. Navigate and enter to Yes to install, should be no errors.
    15. Reboot your Adam once the transfer is complete.

    How to extract and install Google Apps zip (old package)

    1. Download the Google Apps for Android 5.0 zip and ADB and USB drivers ZIP in download section.
    2. Follow "How to install ADB driver" instructions below.
    2. Extract the Google Apps zip with archive utility like WinZip or WinRAR.
    4. Power on Adam in recovery mode by holding Volume + and toggling power switch.
    5. In command prompt 'cd "adb directory"'
    6. Type 'adb shell mount -a' ignore the errors (try again if you don't see any error message).
    7. Type 'adb push "google apps directory\system" /system' (should see files being transferred).
    8. Reboot your Adam once the transfer is complete.

    How to install ADB driver

    1. Extract the ADB zip with archive utility like WinZip or WinRAR.
    2. Run UniversalAdbDriverSetup6.msi.
    3. Connect Adam to computer via USB.
    4. Right click on "My Computer" in File Explorer.
    5. Click on "Device Manager".
    6. Should see "Notion" with exclamation mark.
    7. Right click on "Notion" and select "Update Driver Software".
    8. Select "Browse my computer for driver software".
    9. Select "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer".
    10. Select "Android Device" and press Next.
    11. Select "Asus Transformer ADB Interface" and press Next.
    12. Ignore Update Driver Warning and press Yes.
    13. Should now see Android Device\Asus Transformer ADB Interface in devices.

    How to obtain adam logs to report problems

    1. Follow instructions above on How to install ADB driver.
    2. Connect Adam to computer via USB.
    3. Power on Adam with ROM you are having problems with to capture log and do what you did you get the problem.
    4. Launch Windows command prompt and type cd "path to platform-tools".
    5. Type "adb wait-for-device pull /data/aplog".
    6. If you get remote object '/data/aplog/ does not exist' goto step 8.
    7. Type "adb pull /data/dmsg".
    8. Goto step 13 if step 5 and 7 were successful.
    9. Type "adb shell".
    10. Type "cd /data".
    11. Type "logcat -d > aplog".
    12. Type "dmesg > dmsg".
    13. Type "cat /proc/kmsg > kmsg &".
    14. Press CTRL-C to exit shell.
    15. Type "adb pull /data/aplog".
    16. Type "adb pull /data/dmsg".
    17. Type "adb pull /data/kmsg".
    18. You should now have 3 files in your platform-tools directory, aplog, dmsg, and kmsg.
    19. Launch Web browser and goto - #1 paste tool since 2002!.
    20. Open aplog in wordpad and copy and paste all text to web page and submit.
    21. Create a new message in this thread and paste the URL from of your newly submitted log.
    22. Repeat 19-20 for dmsg and kmsg.

    Download links:

    SOKP-ROM Lollipop for ADAM:

    download 5.1.1 2015-09-24 CWM ZIP only works on micro sdcard

    SuperSU for root access:

    ClockworkMod Recovery with nvflash (run "flashrecovery.bat recovery.img" in command line):
    download CWM with battery indicator from Borkata and working USB thanks to ri9000

    ADB with USB drivers (usb_driver folder contains older version which will work with ClockworkMod although you need to allow unsigned drivers to install) download

    PA Google Apps download

    Download Google apps (Manually extract and copy /system directory to Adam as cwm install isn't working)

    Hacker's Keyboard Download APK

    Source download links:

    SOKP ROM: download

    Device tree, kernel and vendor source: download

    Tested and working:

    -stagefright vulnerability patched
    -reverted to old power off timers for more stable reboot/shutdown
    -prevent dofstrim freeze by skipping /data and /system partitions so it can deep sleep properly
    -increased nominal voltages for stable reboot/shutdown
    -fixed bluetooth file transfer issue
    -boot from sdcard support and CWM zip format now
    -usb audio working
    -hwcomposer hdmi fix
    -PowerHAL for cpu boost on touch and 1GHz battery saving mode
    -mic fix
    -cpu clock reduced to 1.5GHz
    -camera shouldn't prevent sleeping now
    -lp2 mode sleep disabled by default now to allow for stable usb connection can be re-enabled in /system/etc/ if you choose better sleep power usage over usb and comment out keepawake line (only works for some adams)
    -Pixel Qi toggle app
    -Camera app partially working now in picture mode
    -Bluetooth A2DP

    Not working:
    -soft touch buttons other than PixelQi/Search
    -not deep sleeping
    -issues showing all notifications
    -Splashtop shows black screen
    -internal flash install
    -HW Accelerated video playback
    -maybe freezing sometimes (reboot if this happens)
    -sometimes touch screen doesn't respond, just slide power switch and then press side back button
    -Builtin camera app pictures may be inverted and video mode doesn't record properly (other third party camera apps may work like Camera MX)

    Borkata for making such an excellent kernel and CM ports and help with problems

    ri9000 for usb fixes

    timduru for HDMI, NVOMX and screen capture fixes

    SOKP-ROM developers for providing Android ROM
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