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Thread: Recommendation on Lollipop ROM

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    Recommendation on Lollipop ROM

    Hello everyone,

    First off, thanks Techni for your awesome contribution. IMHO, it comes to show how great the Adam was, unfortunately there was poor commercial execution by Notion Ink. Pity.

    Anyway, I wanted to get everyone's opinion on the most stable and efficient Lollipop ROM. I'm hoping to make a definitive swap for my sister's Adam, she plans to use it mostly as a e-reader. Thanks for your help and any comments you might have!


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    I have been using Slim ROM the most at the moment and that seems to be quite stable for me, but most ROMs are fairly stable at this stage. The only issues I have right now are power off/restart/sleep can freeze sometimes but that happens on all ROMs as it is something in the kernel which I haven't quite figured out yet. Also sometimes lollipop UI freezes up requiring forced shutdown and restart seems to happen more often with CM12.1 based ROMs.

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