Im posting this to put all this info in one place. I recently bought the acer a500 and decided to flash a custom rom. I downloaded the latest primee p9-5a rom and flashed using cwm from recovery. To get netflix to work without having camera or camcorder force closes, you must do the following........after flashing p9-5a rom and booting up, go through the initial setup stuff. Then search google or - free file sharing and storage for android market version 3.1.5 and dowload and install. This version doesnt give me the canceling purchase message and loads full searches. Then download root explorer from market or 4shared and install. Open root explorer and navigate to system folder. Click on the mount button at the top and then longpress on build.prop and open in text editor. Change the following lines:

Save the file and shut down and reboot. After startup search for the latest netflix apk and install. You should now have a working version of netflix and your camcorder and camera should still work. I use the rotation green 1.4.1 version of netflix without a problem. Always says theres a newer version at startup but you can just hit cancel.

Primee p9-5a has a cpu set in the apps. To overclock simply set the max to 1600 and minimum to lowest setting. Ive had no problems or crashes and the system runs very fast.

As i said, this works for the acer a500 running primee p9-5a. Dont know how it would work on anything else. All credit goes to the posterson various forums for the original guides. Im simply putting this all in one place .

Words of not install any netflix patches,they dont work. Simply edit the build.prop,reboot and install netflix in that order. If you install netflix before editing buid.prop then it doesnt work. If you try the patch then it wont work.

Hope this helps anyone looking for a working netflix and a full working market with overclocking cpu for acer a500 iconia.


Like i said, you can find all this information in other places but this is the only stuff that works for me. I have he acer a500 iconia