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Thread: ICS - Time to learn how it works!!

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    ICS - Time to learn how it works!!

    OK, as I've been reading the various forums I'm seeing people make a lot of irrelevant comments about the functionality of ICS that could have been avoided had they bothered to learn about ICS.

    Here's the thing. Up until Honeycomb, no tablet had an OS and UI designed specifically for tablet use. For us in the Android crowd, we were using a lot of tablets with ROM's based on FroYo and Gingerbread. Because these OS's were designed for phones and not tablets, they had many limitations when running on tablets. Thankfully a lot of creative developers came up with hacks, fixes, patches and apps to compensate for these shortcomings. CM7 Tablet edition is a great example of this. The problem is that there was no standard and so there are many ways to do the same things which often confused new users and even more experienced users.

    With Honeycomb, Google came up with a UI that addressed most of these shortcomings and was optimized for tablets, but this was a stopgap measure that created fragmentation in Android. This is why they did not release the source. They did not want people and companies running with Honeycomb because they knew ICS was coming.

    Now, we have ICS. This OS/UI is redesigned to optimize itself for multiple mobile device form factors and it unifies the Android code base again.

    OK, enough history lesson. The point is that ICS is the future and we need to embrace it. Throw out your old Android 2.x way of thinking and reboot your mind with ICS or by the time Jellybean hits the market you'll be too far behind.

    This starts with learning the new UI. Google has taken many of the best features of other launchers, apps, patches etc. and used them in ICS. For example, home screen folders. This feature lets you create custom object folders on your desktop that can include apps, contacts, etc. You don't need to add anything to ICS to do this.

    OK, so start here, this is the ICS launch video and it will give you an overview of some of the new features. Then go do a little research and learn about ICS.
    (Note: The first minute and a half is a little boring discussion of the new Roboto typeface created for ICS, feel free to skip that part. ;')

    Next, go here and poke around. Read, learn, try, discover.
    Android - Discover Android

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