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Thread: Hello from kumarchitrang

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    Hello from kumarchitrang

    Hi all,

    I'm new here. Don't know much about forums, and I look forward to any help regarding policies/rules.

    I own a Notion Ink Adam II tablet and had been searching for a 4.4 ROM for the past few months. Recently Notion Ink declared end of life for the product and I wrote them a mail complaining about non-support. It seems they did develop a 4.4.4 ROM and so I registered simply to share the official ROM with other users. How do I go about doing the same? Please advise.

    PS - The tablet runs a Cortex A9 dual-core 1.6 ghz + 1GB RAM + Mali-400 GPU SoC. While I was hunting for the ROM I found that many Pipo and Cube tablets share the same chipset and there are few/no 4.4 ROMs for those either. The notion ink ROM has only a few tweaks for the secondary ticker display and HDMI control. Apart from this it appears to be a stock ROM. If it can be useful for bringing kitkat onto the Pipo/Cube devices, I'd be glad to have helped.


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    thanks for the heads up. Have you posted it somewhere?

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