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Thread: For Sale: Apple iPhone 7 plus 128gb, Apple iPhone 7 128gb

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    Post For Sale: Apple iPhone 7 plus 128gb, Apple iPhone 7 128gb

    KK Mobile Phones Ltd is the world's largest Mobile Phone

    supplier, company with 30 numbers of staff. Located in USA,

    HONG KONG and Singapore. It has integrated operations focused

    on the supply of Apple Iphone, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note,

    Blackberry, Sony Xperia, HTC, ETC.
    100% FULL Warranty with setup service.100% Brand New in Box

    Genuine Guarantee
    For more details, contact us KK Mobile Phones Ltd

    Skype: ksmtld
    Whatsapp: +447459529566

    Bel ow are our price....

    APPLE IPHONE...._______________

    Apple Iphone 7 Plus 256GB Unlocked....$1150
    Apple Iphone 7 Plus 128GB Unlocked.....$790
    Apple Iphone 7 Plus 32GB Unlocked.....$675

    Apple Iphone 7 265GB Unlocked....$1050
    Apple Iphone 7 128GB Unlocked.....$700
    Apple Iphone 7 32GB Unlocked.....$640

    Apple Iphone 6S Plus 128GB Unlocked....$600
    Apple Iphone 6S Plus 64GB Unlocked.....$530
    Apple Iphone 6S Plus 16GB Unlocked.....$430

    Apple Iphone 6S 128GB Unlocked....$530
    Apple Iphone 6S 64GB Unlocked.....$490
    Apple Iphone 6S 16GB Unlocked.....$420

    Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB Unlocked.....$500
    Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Unlocked....$470
    Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Unlocked.......$410

    Apple Iphone 6 128gb unlocked $450
    Apple iPhone 6 64GB Unlocked....$390
    Apple iPhone 6 16GB Unlocked.....$350

    Fore more Inquiry, contact Mr. Kell Kelvin

    Skype: ksmtld
    Whatsapp: +447459529566

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    Sadly none of these answers help. I believe you must go to an Apple store in order to buy an unlocked phone. The one you want is the Verizon phone which does include CDMA and GSM. The Tmobile one is GSM only. But going through the Apple site online or through the app doesn't work as they require you to have an existing contract with a carrier. Im in the same boat as I just want to buy an unlocked iPhone 7 Plus without a contract even though I'm a Tmobile customer. Traveling internationally though, I want to be able to buy a local sim card as needed.

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