I recently purchased the new Ubuntu tablet, and am more than a little disappointed. The hardware is beautiful, but the installed version of Ubuntu is not what I expected from a Linux install. Apt-get fails to work, primarily because the OS is living in a read-only file system. I can edit fstab to set it read write, but a reboot resets the fstab entry.

The tools and the store available through Ubuntu One cloud storage sucks big time. Hardly anything works, or works well enough to be useful. The Kindle app shows all the controls of the android app, but none of them work. Additional icons are used for paging, but the slide bar at the bottom for moving large numbers of pages doesn't work as a slide bar. Tapping the bar moves the slider to where you tap, so no fine adjustment is available.

While it would be fun to figure out how to get the installation converted into something useful, or install a non-mobile version of Ubuntu. I would much rather be able to put Android, or even Windows 10 on this tablet than try to fix this install.(BTW, I have a CHUWI Android/Windows dual boot tablet that is just too cool, but only 7 inch)

I have looked, and while I can find instructions for installing Ubuntu on the older model that came with android, I can find no instructions for recovering a bricked machine by re-installing the Android system.

Anyone have any ideas?