I recently purchased a Dragon Touch MID970IPS from Tablet Express. It seems to have decent potential but as stated by Rabid1 the firmware that comes with it is pretty rough. The wireless reception is TERRIBLE and it's a little gitchy. Being a semi-generic tablet there is no factory image or support available from the manufacturer. Rabid1 had provided me with some info to get me started and he created two different ROMs for it. Mine may have very slight differences though so I'm trying to do all the research before using one of his ROMs. I'm new to all this. Livesuit is the software generally used for these A10 devices but I've heard some negative thigns about it. Are there any better utilities out there for these tablets or should I stick to Livesuit? Does anyone else out there have any experience with this tablet?

Tablet info:
9.7" IPS display
Cortex A8 1.2 GHz
Boxchip Allwinner A10
Android 4.0
1GB DDR3 onboard RAM
16 GB internal memory
Front and rear cameras

Note: though I ordered a MID970IPS my tablet lists the model number on the back as MID9716W. All the specs are identical and based on all the info I can find Dragon Touch only makes one 9.7" tablet so I'm fairly certain my tablet is the same as Rabid1's