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Thread: Where to get a Free Printer App

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    Where to get a Free Printer App

    It seems rediculous that no one provides a free printer app,..especially one that will talk to a newtork printer attached to a wireless router. After all the Tablet already has searched for and found my wireless router to connect to the internet and it knows the IP address of that device. My printer is attached to that router and therefore is a "Network Printer". I know an app is needed to speak to the printer.

    I seen many different printer apps, Printshare and the ability to print via Google Cloud,..but all of this is way to complex and time comsuming when my printer is practically in the same room. Also, does anyone know if JellyBean is going to have any kind of printer app. This is totally rediculous considering that Android has all kinds of functions that need printing,.. such as browsers, email, notes, calendar, office word, powerpoint, excel,... These things need printing,.. not to mention the camera photos, etc.

    I realize that I can print whatever I want by attaching it to an email to my Home computer and using that to print,.. but it seems totally dumb not to have the ability to print and the most logical device support would be for Wi-Fii printing,..or at least network printing. I can't believe how dumb some of these printer apps are,..they actually want ptople to pay to send in the document via emai,...have it printed,..and mailed back.,....maybe even delivered by Pony Express. Yes I know most of you never hear of that option and are wonder what it costs?

    I really hope someone has an answer.

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    Re: Where to get a Free Printer App

    What brand printer do you have? Some makers, like Brother, have free apps . I was lucky enough to get Printer share from amazon when it was free app of the day once. Otherwise it is difficult to do.
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