Be ready for the Black Friday madness or get yourself pumped while you wait in line with this roundup of some of the best bargains at 网站域名 stores Friday. When you are looking for an android tablet as the biggest Black Friday Deals, We recommend 5 Craziest Android Tablets and put them together in one place for you, the eager Black Friday deal-hunter.

Craziest NO.5: Bpad802 $119.99
Experience Flash 10.1 content on a brilliant 8"screen and immerse yourself in interactive web experiences. Enjoy staying connected at super fast internet speeds. Always be able to connect to the internet with Wi-Fi or use the 3G network.

Craziest NO.4: Zenithink C91 $219.99
Zenithink C91 utilizes Cortex A9 1GHz processor and 10.1 inch 1024x600 HD LCD 2-point capacitive touch screen, the processor is powerful for internet and android application softwares, Mali-400 supports most of the mainstream game, DSP supports most of video format up to 1080P. Zenithink C91 is settled with a galaxy Dynamic background, it can be moved following your fingers touch.

Craziest NO.3: Window N90 $317.99
Lighter, thiner and faster. It weighs only 630g, 25% lighter than the named light-weight iPad. So far, Window N90 is the lightest Tablet PC among 9.7 inch. 9.6mm body makes window n90 extreme thin, thinner than a pencil. 1GHz frequency +1 GB memory + SDK2.0 is the A8/A9 fastest combination.

Craziest NO.2: Ainol Novo7 $159.99
High performance in Smart tablet.Ainol NOVO7 advance version employ latest A10 processors developed specifically for smart media ternimal, with advanced Many CORE (public nuclear) many-core multiplexing, in addition to CPU, GPU, will also DPU, SPU, APU, VEPU, UPU, AEPU core and so on integrated into one unit, collaborative operation of the various information processing systems, showing powerful performance than ever.

Craziest NO.1: superpad 3 $161.99
Best price. Compare to the same performance, the superpad 3 will win the price. High performance processor with Android 2.3 OS. You would be satisfied with Multi-network Connection. Certainly, you can share free Internet resource with WiFi as long as there is local wireless network which is available to you at ease.And also you can insert a RJ45 just as your laptop.