It seems that Amazon is admitting that it's tablet will get rooted, and a Google android version will likely get ported to it. Jon Jenkins, the director of the Silk browser project for the Fire has indicated Amazon is not going to try and stop that from happening. His quote- Its going to get rooted, and what you do after you root it is up to you. Hopefully this means the bootloader will be unlocked, making the process easier. With it's dual-core processor it will have the power to run android 2.3 or even possibly Honeycomb-although google has made it difficult to port Honeycomb by withholding the source code. The Nook Color has proven popular with hackers, and the Fire looks to become the next ereader to get turned into a full-fledged tablet. Regardless, the community would like to put together a development team for this project. As well as rooting the device, we will be looking to create custom roms for it. Anyone interested in joining the team, use the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page of the forum, or just leave a comment.